20 People Who Are Forever The Third Wheel

Everyone has spent time as a third wheel at some point in their life, be it intentionally or unintentionally — and it is never really an experience that anyone enjoys!

And so, with this uncomfortable idea in mind, from people who got third-wheeled in their dreams to giraffes intruding on proposals, here are 20 people who are forever the third wheel!

"7th Wheeling!"

I can't actually work out whether this would be a worse experience than just third wheeling or not?

Lean On Me!

I mean, wouldn't you just go home? Surely there has to be a plethora of better things they could be doing!

"My last minute Halloween costume idea..."

I can see a lot of people adopting this idea for the upcoming Halloween, it's the perfect combination of funny and sad.

"Third Wheel Bed!"

I don't really know why these sorts of beds exists, and I really don't want to know either.

The Third Whale!

Bet you never thought that you would learn something from this exhibition of third wheels, eh?

Perfect Timing!

I don't know what I'm more amazed by, her face or the fact that there are people who actually drink Corona in cans?

"The face of a third wheel."

Good lord, that the poor girl in the middle appears to be having her face devoured off.

"We were trying to take a nice photo with the dog. Wet boy had other plans."

Look, if you're not going to provide him with a towel then this is his only option. Also, it's kind of the perfect picture!

"Spotted a third wheel at the movies."

She's doing the classic, "look around for literally anything else" move. Also, this is the most '80s-'90s cinema I've ever seen in my life.

"Awkward Giraffe third-wheeling a proposal."

I mean, just look how intently he is staring at that couple! It's like this guy has beaten him to the proposal.

"I call this booth 'The Third Wheel.'"

And I can see why. I mean, it doesn't look as weird as the third wheel bed, but it's still pretty strange.

"He's even holding her folders for her."

Maybe he is also waiting for someone...? Dear God I hope that he is also waiting for someone!

Sleepy Third Wheel...

Being a third wheel with a couple in their dreams is really taking third wheeling to a new level.

What A Mood...

From this poor guy's expression alone I can feel his anguish and desire to be literally anywhere else on Earth.

What's Going On Here Then?

What is it with zoo animals loving to nose in on situations that they aren't a part of?!

The Photobomb...

She has a truly unsettling look in her eyes in this picture! Also, my guy is really rocking the stud earring and the cap, I love it.

"Sorry to interrupt, but important news!"

"For the last time Sandra, I've moved on, stop swimming after me!"

"I can swim where I like Jerry!"

It's Too Late To Escape!

I think if she managed to pull her face any further back it would collapse in on itself and form a singularity.

"Excuse me, Miss?"

Christ, this man's arms put Mr Tickle's arms to shame! This guy must be a whiz at pickpocketing!

"Saw this third wheel. Genuinely feel sorry for her."

It actually took me a while to spot her I'll admit. Someone suggested that this person should have gone over and lay down next to her, but I think that would be incredibly creepy.