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Weird Beds That Seem Vaguely Threatening But Do In Fact Exist

Beds are wonderful havens of safety, comfort, and rest. Whether you prefer your mattress soft or firm, a good bed feels like falling into a heavenly cloud at the end of a long day.

And while people's tastes may differ when it comes to sheets and bedding, usually, the bed shape stays the same... Unless you own one of the following beds.

Coffin Bed

Kaffe Mathews | Music For Bodies

Designing a bed that feels eerily coffin-like, this raised bed design is called the "Sonic Bed". Created as an experiment by Craig Helliwell and Kaffe Mathews, the bed is lined with speakers, meant to explore new ways of interacting physically with music.

Plague Doctor Bed

Fran├žois Lalanne | Trouvais

Found in a Paris apartment in 1982, this canopy bed was sculpted by Fran├žois Lalanne, bringing a somewhat menacing vibe to an upper-class decor scheme.

Including clawed feet protruding from the bottom and a bronze sculpted beak, the face is somewhat reminiscent of chilling plague masks doctors used to wear.

Vampire Mouth Bed

Even less subtle than the giant duck bed (who knew it was possible), this mouthy fiasco is a terrifying sight to behold. With teeth made out of individually sewn pillows, whoever modelled for this bed should really consider seeing a dentist.

120 Ball... Bed?

Drool'd | Drool'd

Titled "The Feel Deluxe", this custom seating/bed system sells for more than $7000. Made up of 120 balls, the velcro pieces on the bed allow it to transform into any shape; morphing into a chair, lounge, and huge giant blob in the corner of your room.

Vertical Marshmallow Bed

[Ernesto Neto](http://ernestoneto.guggenheim-bilbao.eus/en | Guggenheim Bilbao

Called a "vertical bed", this marshmallow-looking creation was designed by exhibitionist Ernesto Neto, a Brazillian artist with work featured in museums and galleries around the world.

What do you think of these wacky (and terrifying) designs? You've got to hand it to the designers for their creativity. (Even if the results are extremely horrifying).