We Have Been Pouring Cooking Oil Wrong This Whole Time

Lex Gabrielle

Anyone who cooks knows that cooking oil is a staple for the majority of recipes and meals.

Many people simply pour the oil into an empty pot or pan and allow it to heat up with the pan. It's pretty second nature for the majority of those who cook, but as it turns out, we have all been using cooking oil wrong forever.

A new TikTok video has gone viral and it's changing people's thoughts on how they pour cooking oil.

When we open a new bottle of vegetable oil or olive oil, we pull out the top and just pour it outright, right?

As it turns out, there's a better and more convenient way to do it, so that you don't overpour your oil.

Instead of throwing away the top, you can reuse it.

The TikTok video showcases the person taking out the tab and flipping it over, then re-inserting it back into the top of the bottle.

This creates a spout that allows for a less powerful pour of oil, allowing for light coverage.

The video features the TikToker even using it over pasta.

When you have a nice cold pasta salad and want to use oil and vinegar, the last thing you want to do is use way too much oil and make it overly saturated.

This helps to keep it nice and light.

The video has already reached over 11 million views.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

And every day it's racking up more and more comments. 6,600 comments.

One person commented: ‘Urgh!!! I should’ve known about this a long time ago, it would’ve been helpful."

They continued: "Why doesn’t it say that on the bottle?"

Unsplash | Frank Zhang

The creator of the video even responded to them, answering: "I thought the same! I agree."

Imagine how many lives could have been made easier with simple instruction!

In the comments there was also a debate on using oil to cook pasta in general.


"Frightening how many people in these comments don’t have a single idea how to cook pasta. More upsetting is how convinced they are that they’re right," one user wrote.

"That’s a nice way for your sauce to never stick to the pasta… that’s basic cooking to not put oil on pasta before the sauce is on," one person wrote.


"Once it’s cooked and done, I usually use olive oil so it doesn’t stick together. Not too much," the creator replied.

Not for nothing, but TikTok teaches us so many life hacks!

Who would have thought that the tab we always throw out had such substantial use? Truly, I'm about to make an entire list of "TikTok hacks" I needed in my life years ago.

We love this!

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