30 Times People Took Some Bad Advice

There are countless individuals out there who relish the opportunity to give other people advice. However, it isn't always the best advice!

So, from people who ill-advisedly let their friends cut their hair to individuals who got the wrong impression from a picture of a tiny chair, here are 20 times people took some bad advice!

"Pilot stated he bought the plane recently. No injuries, but certainly a weird insurance conversation."

Whoever told this new pilot that you can land your plane wherever you want needs a good talking to!

"Thinking a lily pad can support the weight of your body..."

If only life were more like the cartoons eh? It's a miracle she hasn't already walked off the side of a cliff and expected to be able to run back to safety after looking down.

"Renovations done to 500-year-old Caldwell Tower in Scotland."

Christ on a cracker, that is absolute insanity. Who on Earth green-lit this monstrosity?!

"So this happened..."

I know that people always wish that there were public transport stops closer to their houses, but no one wants one in their living room.

"At my primary school, everyone with an allergy had to wear a yellow hat. I was allergic to bees..."

Maybe the principal thought it would toughen him up? Or maybe the principal just really hates children?

"Someone made someone else very angry."

"Sex" is a bit of a weird message to leave for someone who cheated on you, so what could this be about?

"The 'window' seat I booked for my 6 hour train journey."

"I don't know what part of 'window seat' made you think that there would actually be a window?"


"Cats in the cradle..."

I love the idea of having a tiny chair like that for my cat, but I know for a fact that she would never sit in it if I bought one.

"Raccoons climbed in my garage window and ate all my raccoon repellant."

Clearly whoever recommended that racoon repellant was having you on! Looks like they bloody love the stuff!

"Do they know how electricity works?"

Well, they either don't know how it works or they just really don't give a rat's ass about their lives!

"I ordered a 'sprinkle donut'. They took it VERY literally."

That is why you should always ask for "a donut with lots of sprinkles," then this sort of thing never happens. Christ, what a schoolboy error!

"I used too small a pot for my popcorn."

Who would have guessed that this minuscule little pot would have been too small a space for that much popcorn?

"Was about to throw the rest of the fries in the oven but…"

"Just eat it, it's only a bit of a chunky waffle!"

"Mom, it's a whole frozen potato..."

"Christ, kids these days!"

"My sister toasted bread with jelly in my brand new toaster. She's 31."

That is actually almost impressive, in the worst possible way of course. That's going to be real fun to clean!

"You are doing great, keep going."

"I'm supposed to be staying away from the water, right dad?"

*Sighs in disappointed grate-father sounds...

"I guess you shouldn't put glass windows over grass when it's 22° Celsius."

Now it just looks like their back garden is sponsored by Microsoft! Maybe they can get free stuff off them?

"The fact that this sign is baffling."

Yeah you would kind of hoped that people would know to do this without this warning. Did they also have to put up a sign to remind people not to try and breathe in the water?

"What having a cat is like."

Yeah, it's not all cute photographs and adorable happenings, it's mostly just having your food stolen.

"What is he doing?!"

I cannot help but imagine there being a guy still sat in that black car screaming the entire journey.

"Classy but incomprehensible way to number your house."

This could cause a real issue if the people who live here ever have to call an ambulance to their house.

Context Is Important!

The person who posted this explained, "This text is not photoshopped. A pic from my phone snapped in Tennessee. Message said: 'Drive Drunk' then a few seconds later 'Face Consequences.'"

"Didn't give a McRat'sAss!"

I love how there was an initial "Sorry for the inconvenience" poster underneath but they just reached their limit.


Pfft, I'm not falling for that one again! There's nothing "nice" about it, trust me!

"If your buddy says he can definitely do a fade, don't listen. Source: me."

Ah now, that's not fair! He can do a fade, it is just an absolutely abysmal fade!

"This really could have been worse..."

"Have I got any room behind me to reverse, Dave?"

"Aye, you've got plenty!"

"Wolfgang says hello..."

It would appear that no one tells Wolfgang what to do! Although, how do they really expect pets to read that sign?!

What If I'm Both?!

There's nothing wrong with being hungry and bored! In fact, they're my go-to states of being.

Touch Free?

"This 'Touch Free' button in a public toilet that makes you touch the same dirty button that everyone on the toilet has pressed instead of just ripping off some clean paper that no one has touched," explained the person who posted this.

"Waited in line for this rollercoaster for two hours, when I finally got to the front they said I was too tall."

Although, as someone else astutely pointed out, "And yet you still found a sweater that is too big."


This actually comes across quite sinister, as though the real meaning behind this is something that you really ought to know!