People Are Sharing The Ugliest Cities They Visited In America

I love traveling and I truly believe that every city has something beautiful to offer. That being said, some cities are most certainly more beautiful than others, without question.

Recently, people have begun sharing the ugliest city they visited in America. With a little love, hopefully, these places can return to their former glory and shine brightly once again.

Aberdeen, Washington

After visiting the hometown of the late Kurt Cobain, the Redditor audiate said that it helped them understand the Nirvana frontman better.

If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about Aberdeen, I don't know what else will.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Reddit user remainsofthedaze has been living in Johnstown for their entire life.

They said that "it'd be a real pretty little mountain town if it weren't full of crumbling, abandoned infrastructure that reminds you it used to have 5x as many people."

Youngstown, Ohio

Several Redditors have remarked how large chunks of Youngstown have become dilapidated and in some instances totally overgrown.

runs_in_the_jeans said that the city was in such poor shape, they decided to look elsewhere for post-secondary school — and that was back in the '90s.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque was so sketchy that COGspartaN7 didn't even feel safe enough to stop for gas. It took multiple attempts to find a station that wasn't crawling with drug addicts and other dregs of society.

Heisenberg, what have you done?!

Abilene, Texas

Unless you're a fan of empty buildings and ever-expanding ghettos, it's probably best that you stay clear of Abilene.

Ironically enough, the city's many churches all appear to be doing much better, financially speaking, than the individuals that comprise their congregations.

Bakersfield, California

Reddit user This_Apparatus hopes to never return to Bakersfield again.

They said that "Never in my life have I seen such a sour sight. Oil wells as far the eye can see that it almost looks a heard of stationary ants humping the soil."

Waldo, Florida

Some cities are best to avoid altogether.

And while ems_telegram is hesitant to actually call Waldo a city, they emphatically agree that if you ever happen to find yourself within its border — you should get the heck out as quickly as possible.

Albany, New York

This Reddit user says that Albany, New York makes you feel as if you're trapped inside a giant Greyhound bus station.

In the summer it's muggy and in the wintertime, the city turns into a giant depressing shade of grey.

Stockton, California

Stockton, California is known for two things: the Diaz brothers and its incredibly high crime rate.

There is no safe haven from crime and gang violence in Stockton. It follows you everywhere you go and it creeps into every neighborhood.

Las Vegas, Nevada

It turns out that not everyone wants to viva Las Vegas.

Redditor DOC360noscope said "Although I wouldn’t call it much of a city; it was more of a [expletive] of buildings, neon, and wasted lives all stitched together smack in the middle of bumfuck nowhere."

Lawton, Oklahoma

Reddit user Trulyacynic wants the people of Lawton to know exactly how they feel.

"I've seen a lot of people mention armpits here," they said. "But I can say that Lawton is most certainly America's [expletive] because the wind is always blowing."

Terre Haute, Indiana

If there's one other city in Indiana that could give Gary a run for its money — it's Terre Haute.

According to Reddit user summers_last_sunset, it is without question the armpit of the entire state, and you're best to steer clear.

Modesto, California

Talk about a city that lives up to its namesake.

Redditor Abracadaver2000 didn't mince words when they said that "It should be a crime to make a city as ugly as Modesto in a state with so much beauty."

Laurel, Mississippi

You shouldn't believe everything you see on TV, according to SethOfASalesman.

Despite HGTV doing its best to try and pretty up Laurel on Home Town, at its core the city remains a haven for depravity and violent crime.

Gary, Indiana

According to the Instagram user @chicagolandfotos, this building sits on a stretch of road in Gary that is nearly 100% abandoned.

Reddit user Odd_Vampire says that "The city looks like it was hit by a tornado." Judging from the photos, I'm inclined to agree.

Hollbrook, Arizona

For those who haven't been, Hollbrook is just outside of Nevada. Redditor afistfulofyen "Stopped at Taco Bell to eat and stretch before the last leg. Asked a guy what they did in this town for fun. "Iono, start a fight," he said."

Tucson, Arizona

When driving around Tucson, Haunting_Estimate_94 finally felt compelled to ask at what point were they going to arrive at the "good part" of the city.

Without missing a beat, their guide replied earnestly, "this is the good part."

Nome, Alaska

Alaska is often considered by many to be the forgotten state, and if you've ever been to Nome you can probably understand why. 3templeq says that they never experienced what true poverty looked like before visiting the city.

West Memphis, Arkansas

According to illbeyourkitty, it's probably best that you steer clear of West Memphis, Arkansas. Not only is it an ugly city, but "It reeks of poverty and desperation. The joy gets sucked out of you just being there."

New Orleans, Louisiana

Fans of the Who Dat Nation might be surprised to hear that Key_Sport1604 couldn't wait to get out of the city. They said that they were shocked at how run down the city had become, post-Hurricane Katrina.

Baltimore, Maryland

"I get the feeling that this post is mainly attracting people hating on the town in which they live or were born," ddmegen1 said. "But for what it's worth, Baltimore, (or, 'Charm City') is an absolute mess."

Spokane, Washington

When asked to describe Spokane, WA in their own words, CashgrassorNopass said, "It feels like it got left behind in the late 80s when Seattle became a major destination with no vibrancy or anything attractive about the city in general."

Ames, Iowa

The only thing that Ames is any good for, according to Reddit user bearsandstuff2, is to make the cornfields of Iowa look a little bit dingier.

Needless to say, this is definitely a drive-through spot, not a destination.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

"Asked the bartender what there was to do or see while here. She shrugged and said not much. I said surely there’s something. She said you could gambling at Tunica. Okay, how far? About two hours," they said.

Boston, Massachusetts

This may surprise some people, but ElevenBurnie says that Boston is one of the ugliest cities they've ever seen. It is beyond depressing when considering how expensive it all is," they reasoned. "And the potholes, the constant cloudy skies, the miersable[sic] cold that never seems to end. I find it hideous."

San Francisco, California

San Francisco wasn't all that ruffneck110 hoped that it would be. For one thing, there was trash strewn all over the city streets. On top of that, the city has a serious problem with homelessness, as there were shanty-towns erected all over downtown.

Portland, Oregon

Thinking back on their time in Portland, Redditor Ireallydontknowbuddy said "What a cringey[sic], disgusting, filled with "edgy" people who all dress the same dystopian [expletive]hole."

But the show Portlandia makes it seem like such a magical and wondrous place?!

Newark, New Jersey

Reddit user Knightmare-90 doesn't have glowing things to say about Newark. They said that it was the "Filthiest [expletive]hole and scumbag city in all the US. There is a reason it’s the nations[sic] armpit."

Jeez, why don't you tell us how you really feel?

St. Louis, Missouri

Redditor lokisown admits that on the surface, St. Louis isn't without its charms. But they highly advise that anyone who plans to visit not scratch the surface too hard. You're not going to like what you see if you do.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Redditor logsphil says that "Some neighborhoods are still cute and have a personality, but the rapid rate that the city has grown (gentrified) hasn’t lended[sic] itself to attractiveness. Honestly, just throw a pin at a map and it’ll land on a 5 over 1 apartment building with a $1400+ studio."

Columbia, South Carolina

"The Capital of SC. Columbia is a literal hole in the middle of the state. Only thing there worth the dirt it sits on is USC (and that's a stretch). West Columbia is drug-infested and poverty-stricken, and it looks it."