31 Hilarious Pics Showing The Differences Between Men and Women

No matter how long we are with our partners for, they can always do things which surprise us and make us wonder just how their minds work.

So, from people who found their husbands eating apples in the weirdest way to individuals who got their girlfriends the strangest celebratory cakes, here are 31 hilarious pics showing the differences between men and women.

"My husband eats apples with a spoon."

But, why in God's name would anyone do this? They're perfectly designed to hold while you eat?!

"My girlfriend refuses to eat the 'crust' of a pancake."

While this could be quite annoying on one hand, on the other their partner will also now get extra portions of pancake to eat!

"My husband thoroughly enjoyed the science museum."

I think that they really should go with this as the design for Modok when they inevitably use him in one of the thousand DC movies we're supposedly getting.

"My husband labeled our frozen meats after our last store trip. I got a good laugh pulling this out for dinner."

I bet that he was absolutely chuffed with himself when he had the idea to write that!

"Finally proved to my wife that she's a chaotic sleeper."

You can't really argue with that evidence, can you? Some people just enjoy sleeping like The Tasmanian Devil.

"When your husband finds your hairbrush…"

They need to be careful doing this sort of thing, as a small family of birds may come and live in that nest on their baby's head!

"A friend's note to her husband this morning."

"I had to speak to HR today."

"Oh no, what did you do?"

"I think it's actually a matter of what did you do!"

"Today has been challenging to say the least! I smashed my pinky on my reciprocating saw and it REALLY hurts. Please send prayers my way."

With a pinky looking that sore it is outrageous that the woman behind them hasn't offered up their bed! Scandalous!

"Wonder why..."

I wonder how many times they had to watch a husband come in covered in the paint he had just bought before they put this sign up.

"My girlfriend only eats the chocolate chip parts of the cookie."

Then why not just buy a bar of chocolate? I don't think that I could stay with someone who committed such an atrocity.

"Lost my husband at Home Goods. Found him doing this. Never grow up babe."

If things like this don't exist in shops for bored men to write rude words with, then what do they exist for?

"Husband said I can't buy anymore plants because there isn't any room. Check and mate."

Another husband in a similar situation added, "Like my wife with books. No more room on the shelf. Keeps them in the car now."

"10-year-old's letter to herself, for a time capsule to be opened at high school graduation."

This young girl is wise far beyond her years! 'Tis true, most guys do indeed suck!

"My wife doesn't get all the ice out of one tray before using another."

Someone suggested that she may be subtly trying to annoy this guy into buying a fridge with a built-in ice dispenser, which is a very devious plan.

"My husband put the candles really close together."

That child looks far too happy with being that close to a fire! No child should be that happy with seeing their birthday cake erupt into flames!

"My girlfriend complains that I always want to buy the same shoes, meanwhile..."

Maybe she is trying to warn you about ending up in the same vicious cycle that she has clearly found herself in?

"My girlfriend's complete inability to finish a drink."

I am sure that this picture will have environmentalists tearing their hair out and weeping uncontrollably.

"Way to go mom!"

Catching a ball is one thing, catching a ball while not dropping a newborn baby is another thing altogether.

"Wife and kids kept stealing my charger."

There are probably now going to be a few missing screwdrivers in this home, as well. It might be time to buy another charger!

This husband's wardrobe selection method says it all.

"I bought four pairs of linen shorts for summer and my wife has been complimenting my tasteful color selection. She doesn't know it wasn't random."

"Wife let me turn the basement into a game room."

If you say to your husband, 'you can do whatever you want with the basement,' be prepared for this to happen.

A different set of videogame priorities.

"Teaching my wife how to play. The first thing she wants to do is create a religion that allows family time... And to have as many lovers as possible."

"Found this while cleaning out my husband’s great grandma’s house. She was 105. Definitely kept this little gem."

Repercussions were a little different back then, apparently. Hopefully, her partner behaved knowing this was in her back pocket!

"Husbands are incapable of doing laundry."

This carefully crafted photo, letterboard, and the use of a question mark at the end of the statement are all signs it's definitely time to learn how a dryer sheet works. You may soon be replaced!

"My Husband this morning: I need to take a picture of our frog on a flower today."

Some focus on getting their kids ready for school, others try to sneak in a morning workout, but let's be honest, this is far more important!

"My boyfriend is a programmer, this is what I imagine when he tells me he is fixing a bug."

Yes, yes, I understand. At what point did these dreams of giant shoes falling from the sky start occurring?

"The way my girlfriend dunks Oreos."

I could have probably gone through a lifetime of broken Oreos at the bottom of the glass and milk everywhere rather than actually find a solution.

"My girlfriend leaves these on the shower floor, they’re worse than legos."

Try enjoying your shower with a minefield of sharp, invisible, worse-than-lego-type objects on the floor.

"My husband took this picture of me this morning while I was trying to clean my glasses."

That is a one-in-a-million shot and I absolutely love it. They really captured this woman's minuscule expression of annoyance!

"That time of year again... 8th time chasing the wife with a lobster."

Does he get points for consistency? He's turned chasing his wife with lobsters into an annual event.

"My girlfriend and I went to get awkward couples photos today."

Luckily, there are ways for us to find common ground together. Seriously though, where do I get one of those Pizza Planet hats?

"My buddy's girlfriend farted in front of him for the first time. He got a cake for the occasion."

Any excuse for a party I guess?! I wonder how many "1st fart" cakes this bakery has had to make in the past?