Man Makes 3D Thunder Cloud Ceiling That Flashes Like Lightning

Lightning in the night sky.
Unsplash | Marc Wieland

Storm watchers and rain lovers are "sparking" over the viral cloud ceiling TikTok trend that's been circulating the internet. Starting as decorative hanging lights, the trend has been adapted into wall and ceiling displays, leading to many DIYers chasing storms within the comfort of their own home. Cloud ceiling LED light looks bright and versatile and can be in any size, color changing and usually hung from the ceiling which gives glowing thunder effect in the room.

Coren Paschoal, (or boyfromhawaii) has made his own thunderous crash into the cloud ceiling scene with a TikTok video receiving over a million likes.

The DIY uses a long strand of peel and stick LED lights.

A girl is measuring her ceiling length.
boyfromhawaii | TikTok

Using a peel and stick strand of color-changing LED lights, Paschoal begins his cloud ceiling by winding lights in a snaking path around his room. Mimicking the sharp-cornered shapes of lighting, once lit and covered the path will flash and glow like a real lightning bolt.

The cloud texture is then built up with lots of loose cotton.

A boy is creating thunder effect on the roof.
boyfromhawaii | TikTok

Gluing bags (and bags) of loose cotton to the ceiling, Paschoal mimics the puffy texture of clouds, trailing the shapes over the strand of LED lights. Allowing some areas to stay thinner than others, he then builds up bulk around the rest of the ceiling until the entire room is covered with the puffy substance.

The final result looks just like a real thunderstorm.

A thunder storm in the room.
boyfromhawaii | TikTok

Turning the lights on to test it out, the final result is absolutely mesmerizing, flashing and streaking through the LED's automatic strobe light setting. Explaining that "the whole process took about 5ish hours", Paschoal's comment section is full of fans admiring his work and marveling over its realistic appearance.

Can you imagine falling asleep to a storm right above you?

Though many people love the DIY, others wonder about fire safety, cleaning, and the collection of spiders. Paschoal reassures commenters that he lives high up in a new apartment building so bugs are minimal. Even so, another commenter recommends spraying peppermint oil across the surface to dissuade nosey spiders.

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