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Texans Turn Out For Small Bakery Suffering Backlash Over Pride Cookies

It's always disappointing to see homophobia in the wild. But, on the flip side, it can be downright heartwarming to see how communities respond to this hatred.

A bakery in Texas set out to mark Pride Month with some colorful rainbow cookies. They attracted significant backlash, but this backlash gave way to a flood of new business for the small bakery.

Confections is a bakery in Lufkin, Texas.

Judging by their pics on Facebook, they make some amazing looking sugar cookies.

Back on June 2nd, as Pride Month was just getting underway, the bakery found itself at the center of controversy.

These are the cookies that started it all.

Facebook | Confections

Captioned, "More LOVE. Less hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here!", this pic might seem innocuous.

Sadly, though, things took a turn over the next few hours.

The next day was a different story.

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On June 3rd, the bakery shared this post, which detailed the immediate backlash they faced for their simple, celebratory post a day earlier.

Apparently, some customers showed their true, homophobic colors.

Things quickly turned around, though.

Facebook | Confections

Following the somber message on June 3rd, customers showed up in droves to support the bakery.

This photo, showing a massive lineup, was captioned, "We are overwhelmed. This was taken around noon today and sent to us by a sweet customer. Thank you. ❤️"

They sold out completely.

Facebook | Confections

Their stock of sugar cookies, cupcakes, and everything else was soon depleted as the supportive customers came in to show the bakery that there's more love than hate in the community.

It's a lovely story.

Facebook | Confections

A follow-up post said

"We’ve sold out.

All this attention on our small business is very humbling. Makes me nervous! Those who know me (Dawn) know how shy I am. In the 11 years we’ve been open we’ve never seen anything quite like this."

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