Fans Defend Emily Ratajkowski After She's Called Out For 'Awkwardly' Holding Her Baby

Being a mom is without a doubt one of the most difficult jobs there is. Of course, it's rewarding and special, but it's also challenging and filled with constant learning curves. Being a celebrity mom amplifies all these challenges and leaves new moms vulnerable to online mommy shammers, and model Emily Ratajkowski is no different.

Now, fans are defending the 30-year-old after she was getting called out for the way she holds her baby.

As fans may know, Emily welcomed her first child with hubby Sebastian Bear-McClard in March.

Since the birth of her son, Emily has made an effort to normalize breastfeeding by posting a series of photos of herself feeding son Sylvester at home.

Of course, she got mom-shamed for that, too.

While she doesn't feel comfortable sharing her son's face online, Emily still wants to share more intimate moments of her life with her 27 million followers.

However, the 30-year-old was recently mom shammed online for the way she was holding her son.

Posting a picture in matching swimsuits, Emily posted a photo of herself holding her son with his back facing the camera.

"She’s holding that poor baby like he is her handbag," one critic tweeted, while another added, "The truth is that she's more concerned about showing her body than how the baby is."

After the backlash, the model turned off the Instagram comments.

As it turns out, this is not the first time Emily is getting called out for her "dangerous" cradling technique.

This photo of Emily holding her dog has also been going viral as people have been questioning the model's ability to hold living things.

After the model was called out by Piers Morgan, fans took to Twitter to defend the new mom on social media.

"Who are you to tell a mother how to hold her own baby?" asked one fan.

"Emily ratajkowski holds her baby a bit awkward in one photo and suddenly all her followers are pediatricians," echoed another.

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