Unsplash | Maria Lupan

Ultrasound Nails Help Expectant Mothers Keep Babies "On Hand"

Whether it's your first or third child, pregnancy can be such a beautiful moment in a family's life. That first ultrasound image will always be special, and while there are many other great DIYs memorializing the scan, we've got to "hand" it to this nail art beauty trend.

Ultrasound nails can be used as a cute way to announce your pregnancy online!

Providing talented nail artists with the scans from their ultrasound, mothers are having the cute little beans painted onto their fingernails.

Whether it's used as a cute pregnancy announcement, or in celebration of your baby's first birthday, these adorable nails make a lovely sentimental statement.

Artists use toothpicks to paint the swirling baby scan shapes.

Swirling white nail polish into a wet liquid base, talented nail artists like nailartchaholic use toothpicks to mirror the ultrasound imagery. Matching the black and white colors with accents on the other nails, the ultrasound design can be as flashy or subtle as you'd like.

With a talented nail artist, all you need to do is bring a reference, then sit back and relax.

With talented nail artists like ladyacrylics_nailsbykyndra, eileennailssg, and many more, it's easy enough to find an artist capable of working your baby scan into your nail design. Just bring the photo as a reference, and walk out with baby in hand (and in tummy) one hour later!

What do you think?

What do you think of the cute beauty trend? Do you know an expectant mother this would be perfect for? Let us know in the comments below! If you already have kids, what day were they born on? Do you still remember your first ultrasound?