28 Cool Things People Found That Had Us Saying 'Damn, That's Interesting'

The internet is a wonderful, digital place that has made our lives so much easier in every facet conceivable. But all that goodness needs to be balanced out with a little bit of peculiarity and Reddit is just the website to do it.

It's the spot where you can discover brilliant inventions like obscure — but extremely useful — measuring spoons and then soon after stumble upon a cute, yet horrifying taxidermy mouse seance.

Sure, the variety is extreme but it never fails to intrigue us.

"My girlfriend bought some particular measuring spoons." — Chicken_Wing

We've all been there, following an online recipe that's going well until the directions take a turn. As you near the end of the list the specified measurements have seemly disappeared. In their place are abstract values, like 'pinch,' 'drop,' and 'dash.'

The absence of tablespoons and ounces can send anyone into a panic of unintentionally messing up a dish. Fortunately, there's a simple solution that eliminates the need to eyeball ingredients — a set of measuring spoons that provide exact sizes to obscure measurements.

"In Japan, spaghetti portions in each bag are wrapped separately and marked with the number of minutes they need to be boiled for." — chishiki

How clever is it to have already-portioned single servings of pasta stocked in your pantry? We think insanely brilliant!

And to top it all off, the portions are held together in a paper wrapping that indicates how long to boil the strands of dried pasta until they're perfectly cooked.

Never again will you have to deal with overstuffing yourself with spaghetti because you overestimated the fistful of pasta you placed into the pot.

"A friend told me that my way of eating pizza is genius, slicing off the edges and then roll it up. But I don't know really..." — EssentialTremorsSwe

"When did you first [realize] that you're a serial killer?" writes Reddit user steveofftheinternet under the thread.

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves. Without a doubt, this rolled-up pizza is an act of blasphemy towards the entire nation of Italy.

Fortunately, the original poster explained that he eats the crust before rolling the pizza into what looks like a burrito. So if there's any fact to bask in, it's that no piece of bread went to waste.

"The van in front of me has the same sticker as the car next to it." — sziamizu

Was it a coincidence or just a glitch in the matrix? Honestly, we may never know.

But what we can confirm is that the Redditor who snapped the picture was clearly a little too close to both vehicles to have read the decals.

Featuring an illustration of Agnes Brown, the main character of the BBC sitcom Mrs. Brown's Boys, the sticker reads: "If you can read this you're too fecking close."

"This mouse mat/rug." — Leland_Gaunt

When Redditor Leland_Gaunt posted the photo of their mouse pad rug to the Internet, there was no doubt that it would become an instant hit.

Other users were quick to state their amazement of the mat, as well as share that they too own a similar mouse rug.

"I use that mat/mouse pad. Have had to clean it a few times," says Howwasthatdoneagain.

This caused another Redditor to ask what we've all been thinking: "Did you use a tiny vacuum?"

We can only hope so!

"This Korean snack has two notches on the bag, so you can open at the second notch for easier access in the later stages of snacking." — cnostaw

Is there anything better than a company actually caring about their consumer's snacking experience?

That was a trick question. There simply isn't anything that supersedes the validation of knowing your (sometimes unhealthy) habit of eating a whole bag of snacks in one sitting is not only encouraged, but made entirely easier.

"The snacks on my flight had airplane-shaped pretzels." — basquiat[explicit]

While we're on the topic of delicious snacks, check out these adorable airplane-shaped pretzels given to a Reddit user as they flew across the country.

Known as 'Sky Bites,' the salted snacks were available to the passenger as they traveled with Alaska Airlines.

But booking a flight isn't the only way to get your hands on these tasty treats. Stellar Snacks offers a variety of packaged pretzels purchasable online. However, the charming plane shapes seem to be a design custom to airlines only.

"The real life Krusty Krab restaurant located in Sept-Îles, QC, Canada." — hmidou11

Unfortunately, no Krabby patties are sold at this Krusty Krab lookalike. But what the quirky restaurant does offer is plenty of delectable seafood, like crab sandwiches and shrimp salads.

Named Casse-Croûte Du Pêcheur, which translates to fisherman's snack, the restaurant features a lobster cage dining area that resembles the design of the Krusty Krab restaurant in Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants.

"I opened up the leaves of my artichoke to reveal the flower." — HeroicTanuki

Raise your hand if you've existed on this earth for decades and never knew an artichoke wasn't considered a vegetable? Yeah, we're just as embarrassed.

According to Ocean Mist Farms, a Californian farm that grows the most artichokes in the U.S., the artichoke is actually a harvested bud from a thistle plant. This largely explains the artichoke's never-ending layers and colorful heart center.

Fun fact: if the artichoke bud isn't harvested, it blooms into a beautiful — a very inedible — purple flower.

"My mom made a friend while cooking today..." — cheesecakebish

Now for the complete opposite of beautiful food, feast your eyes upon this horrifying discovery one Redditor made as their mother prepared a meal.

"Ah, the rare naked mole zucchini rat, endemic to fridge crispers all over the globe," writes Redditor CopsaLau satirically under the photo. "Fascinating creature."

We have plenty of ways to describe this sickly-looking zucchini, and 'fascinating' certainly isn't one of them.

"Local shop with traffic light so too many people don't enter at once." — Legomaster1963

The Redditor who snapped the photo of this customer traffic stoplight was taken aback by its usefulness to limit people in indoor settings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it didn't phase other users who were quite familiar with the contraption overseas.

"We have these at every major supermarket in the UK," writer Redditor oustfa.

And it looks like the rest of the world may be slowly catching on to this clever idea.

"These chimneys look like [two] people in a castle." — Sentient_oaktree

Yeah, we totally see that! The two 'human' chimneys in the middle look as if they're wearing hooded robes — and it's actually really adorable. But other Redditors saw something much different.

"One looks like Kenny from South Park," writes one user, and we can get behind that resemblance.

"I believe they're meant to be chess pieces, bishops and rooks perhaps," says another, receiving support from the original poster.

Chess may be the most likely answer, but the design is still largely up for debate. So what do you see?

"A crab inside a clam." — hmidou11

Surprisingly, this is actually quite common and even a beloved delicacy.

According to the Bostonian shellfish wholesaler, Pangea Shellfish Company, these little soft-bodied crabs live inside bivalves. These could be oysters, clams, or even scallops.

Known as pea crabs, the tiny aquatic creatures feed on food that enters the shelled animals. It's interesting to note that the crabs don't take any nourishment from their hosts. They simply just eat and chill!

"Spider at the River. East Texas." — enoch_sf

Don't see the terrifying spider that blending into the tree bark? Take a look again, right in the middle.

Horrifying, isn't it? This spider sure looks like a whole lot of nope to us.

But it didn't to this Redditor. They courageously stopped in their tracks (when they should have been running away from this monstrosity!) to snap a picture of what they believe to be a massive wood spider, which is also referred to as a huntsman.

"I found this mouse seance."— Innhotep

How exactly do you stumble upon a mouse seance? Well, we're not too sure of the answer.

But what we are certain of is that this rodent meeting is definitely a spiritual gathering. Just take a look at the teeny-tiny ouija board in the middle of the table.

The spooky summoning is only further confirmed with the white mouse dressed up as a ghoul.

"That's really cute until you realize it's taxidermied mice," writes Redditor tikkitikkimango under the thread and we seriously couldn't agree more.

"We use hulk hands to move cacti at my work." — catnip4sale

This is less of a thing this Redditor found than it is simply something really cool they shared.

Cacti spines can be so fine and sharp that they get through regular gardening gloves. So if you need something thicker and specifically for moving cacti, why not have some fun with it?

"Had a Praying Mantis nest hatch by my front door!" — emoats83

On one hand...eww. I feel itchy all over.

On the other hand, that is quite a fine pest control system this Redditor has for their home now. Mantises eat a lot of other annoying bugs.

"Found my old cell phone with optional clip on chatboard for ‘easy’ texting." — ontbijtkoek

Every now and then I miss the days when cell phones just made phone calls.

But then I'm able to answer a simple question from my mom without it being an hour-long phone call and I remember how much texting has improved things.

Not this kind of texting, though.

"Found a Stargate in the middle of nowhere near Linz (Austria)." — zodd1981

It turns out that this was a project by an artist named Martin Mayrbäurl, who has also made a giant Transformer statue.

He's our kind of nerd.

"My childhood doctors office has a mini door installed for younger patients." — 23x3 

Well, this is just gosh darn adorable, isn't it?

Anyone who has spent even a few minutes alone with a young kid knows how much they want to do things themselves and feel like grown-ups.

Just giving them a special door that they can reach and use themselves turns even a trip to the doctor into a fun experience.

"My uncle found a bag of volcano ash from Mount St. Helens with a note tucked in the back of one of his cupboards." — blachat

In case you're not up on your history, on May 18, 1980, the deadliest volcanic eruption in U.S. history happened in Washington State.

Ash is a common natural cleaning agent, so it's not surprising that someone might use it to polish coins, but after 30 years, I'd probably avoid using it on my dentures.

"This crack in the pavement filled with a stained glass cat portrait." — sanelib

Not to be pedantic, but I think it's technically a mosaic, since that's tile, not glass.

Either way, this form of literal street art is a pretty cool find.

"The sun on my window made a rainbow that’s split in half by my chair leg." — RichardMcLuvin

Whenever I think of how color is just a part of light, my brain gets a little smushy, but in that cool "the world is so awesome!" way.

The red, blue, and purples of a rainbow always get overpowered by the brighter yellows and oranges, so it's cool to see them in the spotlight like this. If only for a few moments.

"Saw a live snake in the local Goodwill store." — DammitPardus

Whether you think snakes are cute or if they are very much "nope ropes" in your book, there are places we all would prefer not to encounter one.

I'd say "hidden among frames at a thrift shop" is the wrong place for a danger noodle to be found.

"Reindeer lips." — Fiery_Hand

"Weirdly adorable. I don’t know if I love it or hate it," writes another Reddit user.

Yeah, we're someone in the middle of being extremely uncomfortable and slightly intrigued. But what we can definitely state for certain is that we probably could have gone our whole lives without knowing this fact, but alas here we are.

"My piano from 1885 has a hidden pop-out candle holder." — kermityfrog

Little details like this are what help us remember that the people of the past were just, well, people, and they liked small conveniences of their own.

Where we might have cupholders or phone docks built into various household furniture, they needed a place to set a candle so that they could practice music long into the night.

"My co-worker’s hoodie has headphones threaded through the drawstring." — wowiee_zowiee

So your first thought might 'how the heck do you wash the hoodie?' And the answer is, as normally as you'd wash any other piece of apparel.

This is because, as Redditor PRIMALmarauder explains, it's not the water that ruins the headphones. It's actually water combined with electricity that causes issues.

"As long as the headphones are not connected to a power source until they're absolutely dry, they'll be fine," the user reassures.

You'll also want to skip the heat from a dryer and air dry instead.

"Someone put a knitted cat and mice on a post-box." — mrdoctorderpy

The sweet addition was adored by other Redditors who shared their awe under the post.

"This is peak yarn bombing, so darn cute," user turningtogold wrote.

We agree! The knitted cat and accompanying mice are not only super charming, but they're also really impressive in terms of their craftsmanship. We don't know who the unsung hero is that created the piece, but they absolutely deserve an award for assumably making everyone who comes across the plush scene smile wide.

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