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Fans Are Sharing Memories Of Anthony Bourdain After Trailer For Doc Drops

TV chef, world traveler, and storyteller extraordinaire Anthony Bourdain died in 2018.

Now, as a trailer for a new documentary on the much-loved chef is released, fans are sharing their memories of Bourdain.

The film, called Roadrunner, comes to theaters July 16 and promises to share behind-the-scenes footage of Bourdain as he traveled the world.

The doc will likely be a must-watch for Bourdain fans.

It's directed by Morgan Neville, who has some experience directing documentaries about beloved TV stars.

He also worked on Won't You Be My Neighbour?, a 2018 film about Fred Rogers, better known as Mr. Rogers.

The tweets show just how much Bourdain meant to so many people.

Somehow, he seemed to transcend the role of a TV chef and give deeper meaning to his culinary adventures.

"I love a lot of what Anthony Bourdain has said about restaurant/service workers but I think this one is my favorite."

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One Twitter user shared this Bourdain quote about the often-unappreciated staff who serve in restaurants. It just shows the compassion and insight Bourdain breathed into every aspect of his life.

Bourdain was full of good quotes.

It wasn't ever just about the food. It was about travel, experiencing new places and people, and letting those experiences make you a better person.

His death affected a lot of people.

There are some celebrity deaths that seem to hit harder than others. As this tweet points out, Bourdain and Robin Williams would fit into that category.

Depression can be devastating.

Bourdain was always open about his depression, and despite his often optimistic outlook, he was clearly struggling with his own demons.

Lots of people are anticipating the doc.

It'll probably be a good watch, but it'll also probably leave a lot of viewers a little bit misty-eyed.

Let us know about your favorite Anthony Bourdain moments in the comments.