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Married People Spill The Secrets They Found Out About Their SO After They Got Hitched

It's almost impossible to know absolutely everything about a person. Everyone has secrets and all of us have at least one skeleton hiding in our closet.

But sometimes, these little white lies can give way to catastrophe. Have a look as married people reveal what they found out about their SO after they got hitched.

Beam me up!

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Reddit user 2babybirdies caught her husband red-handed in a compromising situation. "He reluctantly confessed, and was obviously very embarrassed to have to tell me that he watches Star Trek all the time when he is alone."

Discovering that their SO had a severe alcohol dependency.

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It can be difficult to know everything about a person, even the one you're closest to. Redditor Offthepoint admits that they knew there was a problem but had no idea as to the extent of their partner's alcoholism.

Imagine finding out that you weren't the first...or even the fifth.

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Reddit user Pb_Foot found out "That she had been married 6 other times. (yes, that's a six). She said, "Only two counted because they lasted more than a year". I thought I was denied some critical need to know information."

How many languages do you speak?

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After seven years of marriage, Reddit user jessicalinn was sitting on the couch, watching a movie with her husband.

All of a sudden, the characters started speaking in German and he was able to translate perfectly!

What would you do if you discovered your SO was a bank robber?

Just before the honeymoon, Redditor Fire_In_The_Skies's wife surprised him with $7000 for their honeymoon that she'd supposedly saved from working part-time at the bank.

In reality, his wife was stealing money from several large accounts and transferring the funds into her own savings account.

Is she showering or training for the Olympic swim team?

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Redditor SeldonsHari said:

"I didn't realize until after we lived together that she can't keep the bathroom floor dry. When she showers, I feel as though half of the time she points the shower head[sic] at the ground outside the shower."

Perhaps they were a circus performer in a past life?

When you're with someone for over 15 years, you'd think that by then you'd know everything there is to know.

But when HomemadeJambalaya's husband started juggling out of nowhere, she almost fell over backward.

Learning that their lover didn't believe in dinosaurs.

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After six years of marriage, KosherHam and his wife were at the toy store picking something up for their son.

After seeing a toy dinosaur display, his wife turned and said that she didn't like dinosaurs and was relieved to know that they aren't real.

What would ou do if you discovered your SO was a musical virtuoso?

Redditor MentleG3N discovered "After being married for almost 4 years I learned my wife can play guitar, like incredibly well. She saw an acoustic at the flea market 2 weeks ago and she just picked it up and started playing."

Discovering that their credit history is a mess.

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When gjallard and his wife went into the bank to apply for a mortgage, he thought it would be a walk in the park.

That is until the banker revealed that his wife had defaulted on several credit products.

Wait...what's your name again?

Redditor jimandmollie didn't know her husband's real name.

"Everyone called him Opie and I never questioned it. Turns out his real name is James. Should point out that we got married 2 months after meeting each other and are into year 14 with two kids now."

Marriage is nothing without a little Magic.

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In some instances, it's best to keep your inner nerd close to the chest — at least at first. Redditor user Lavamancer said,

"I confess I didn't tell my wife that I had a magic the gathering[sic] collection worth thousands of dollars until after we were married."

Passing gas is the first sign of true love.

ladypau29 says that before marriage her husband never farted in front of her.

"One morning I got out of bed and found him farting in the corner of the living room of our apartment so I wouldn't smell it."

When they make you an offer you can't refuse...

Shortly after marrying her husband, Redditor vvswiftvv17 discovered that his family was mobbed up.

As a matter of fact, his nefarious family was the basis for the classic gangster film, Goodfellas.

There's a right and wrong way to do everything.

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Properly loading the dishwasher is an essential component of marital bliss, something that Redditor becausemaybe knows all too well.

When talking about his wife, he said "That she loads the dishwasher like an [expletive]. It's my biggest complaint about her. I'm a lucky man."