New Trend That Has People Painting Their Fridges Is Getting A Chilly Response Online

I think there's one thing that we can all agree on when it comes to appliances: a lot of the time, they're pretty damn ugly.

You can only make stainless steel or white plastic so cute, you know? And if you're on a budget, built-ins aren't exactly a viable solution. So, how do you turn those ugly appliances into something nice?

With money-saving in mind, people have turned to a tried and true DIY material: paint.

Ugly fridges are vibe ruiners.

Unsplash | Naomi H├ębert

I know that I'm right. Have you ever walked into an absolutely stunning kitchen and wished that appliances were a little more creatively designed? I have.

TikTok user Jade Doutch decided to do something about her ugly fridge.

She sanded down her glossy, black fridge, then painted it with a roller. It took two coats to get the whole thing covered, but it actually did end up working.

Some people were NOT into it.

So many people absolutely hated the idea of painting a fridge, even if the end result looks great. A lot of them thought she painted the fridge white, which she was quick to correct.

Well, she was right.

It is indeed sage green. I guess she over-filtered her video and blew the color out, which is why everyone thought the fridge was white.

I like it, tbh. It's unique!

Still, people were TORN over this one.

Some said that she had destroyed her fridge, which just isn't true. No one was really attached to that early 2000s black gloss fridge, were they? I thought not.

Others thought they had some helpful things to say.

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Jade quickly pointed out that her fridge is actually fine, thank you very much. It's amazing how well projects turn out when you know what you're doing.

Apparently, others had tried painting their fridges, too!

Using regular (which I assume means craft) paint is just not a good idea, y'all. You need to sand, prime, and then use a heavy duty paint for this. Apparently chalk paint works well, too, as long as you seal it.

Some people totally loved it.

I am one of those people! I think it's neat to do whatever you want with your stuff. You bought it, why not turn it into something you actually like looking at?

Now I have to ask:

Unsplash | Latrach Med Jamil

Would you try painting your fridge? I totally would. Older fridges aren't overly cute, and there's no harm in customizing your appliances. Have fun with it!