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Hack That Uses Chalk To Keep Ants Away From Dog Bowl Has So Many Other Uses Too

With the summer heat comes spending more time outside. Sadly, that also means having to deal with bugs. The most annoying bugs around that can really ruin a fun day in the sun has got to be ants. Those pesky critters get in everything.

Luckily, there's a clever hack to keep ants at bay. All you need is a bit of chalk.

This TikTok hack is originally used for dog bowls.

Your furry companion is going to need water to beat the summer heat. Having a water bowl (not a metal one!) will help. The only problem is that you may find ants floating in there after a while.

Luckily, @dr.adamchristman52 on TikTok has shown off a really easy and foolproof way to keep ants at bay!

Get yourself some chalk...and that's it.

No really, all you need is chalk. There's a good chance you already have some of it around your house anyway. Apparently, ants don't like to walk through chalk, and will avoid it at all costs. That's pretty handy!

Draw a circle (or any shape) around your dog's water bowl, and you won't have to worry about ants.

This could be used for a bunch of other things.

If you can use chalk to keep ants out of your dog's water, you can probably use it for a bunch of other things, too. This could very well be the most useful thing we've learned today!

Keep ants away from your own drink!

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Lounging by the pool (or in a lounge chair), cold drink in hand. That's what summer is all about. But when your beverage isn't in your hand, you may run the risk of getting ants in there.

Since we know about chalk now, we can actually keep ants away. Just like our dogs, we also deserve to have drinks that, you know, don't have ants in them.

Keep them out of picnic baskets too.

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Picnics are so much fun! But they're another one of the things ants can ruin. This hack would probably work better on a hard surface, like a picnic table or a path, rather than on the blanket.

But if ants refuse to walk through chalk, then your picnic can be safe from them for once!

No more ants at the barbecue.

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If you love to eat outside, you probably hate ants more than the average person. They have a tendency to come out of nowhere and invade your plates. Chalk on the table, chalk on the ground around the table...you get the idea.

Limit ants' access to your house.

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Is it just me, or do we all find random ants in our houses? If you have a brick house, you could probably put chalk around your doors and/windows.

This won't be a permanent fix, but it could be a great way to help you figure out where they're coming in from. It'll definitely be a helpful hack to know.

The possibilities are endless!

There are probably so many more ways to use chalk to keep ants out of things. What ways can you think of to get the most out of this hack?