London's 'Sky Pool' Opens And Acrophobes Everywhere Go 'Nope!'

With the temperature warming up all around the Northern Hemisphere, it's officially pool season. And while taking a dip in some cool water with your pals can be a fun and relaxing time, would you still be able to de-stress in a pool in the sky?

Recently, a "sky pool" opened up in London, U.K., with residents already using it. Its existence has garnered a lot of attention online.

The pool is a shocking 115 feet above ground-level!

As The National reports, the pool is located on the tenth floor of a luxury apartment building, holding over 400 tons of water. Not only is this thing super heavy, but it's so high up!

Looking at it, it does seem kind of cool.

It's definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that many thrill seekers may want to visit (probably only once, though). And the view has got to be breathtaking.

As cool as it may be in concept, it's really scary to think about.

It is, after all, a giant hunk of wet glass suspended between two buildings. Even if it's the most secure structure in the world, could you really bring yourself to swim in this and feel safe all the while?

Everyone seems to be weighing in on how terrifying it would be to swim in here.

People on Twitter were having a field day with this pool. Even if you aren't acrophobic, the idea of swimming in a pool that lets you see the ground a hundred feet below you is pretty intense. It may be hard to want to swim in there.

That's not the only issue people are having with it, though.

As it's located in Embassy Gardens, a luxury neighborhood in London, the pool is only accessible to residents. Some people have taken issue with the fact that it limits access to lower income residents who may want to try their hand at swimming here.

The general consensus is that this may not be the best idea.

Though it looks like it's pretty popular with the building's residents, the online response is overwhelmingly negative.

Whether it's because of the accessibility issues or because it's just way too high up for anyone to want to swim in it, people are deciding it probably isn't the place to be this summer.

Would you give this pool a shot?

Given the opportunity, would you want to swim in this sky pool? Or would you rather keep your two feet on the ground? One thing's for sure, though, this thing definitely isn't for everyone.

h/t: The National, Mediaite

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