Twitter Is Losing It's Mind After Paul Rudd Rocks A Pale Pink Suit

Pink is the most important color we have on earth. I know that sounds dramatic, and I know everyone is going to have something to say about it but hey, it's my article!

As I was saying, there is nothing more electrifying than the color pink, and what better way to sport it than on a suit of one of my biggest celebrity crushes?!

I believe pink is so much more than a color — it's a state of mind, so when men wear pink, it's a rebellion against conventional gender norms.

Unsplash | Anders Jildén

Pink is a color that you only see in nature at its most beautiful moments.

So it only makes sense that when our favorite male celeb rocks a pink suit, it's a moment frozen in time.

When it comes to loveable celebs, it doesn't get much more loveable than Paul Rudd.

Thr actor, who hasn't aged since the '90s if I do say so myself, recently stole hearts and Jason Momoa's style inspo as he rocked a gorgeous light pink suit at the Avengers Campus Opening Ceremony at Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort on Wednesday.

Naturally, fans totally lost their minds.

Not only did he look great, it's such a fun change-up from the traditional suit colors that men always wear.

I'm sick of boring navy blue or black suits, we need to see more FUN like this!

There's something about a pale pink satin suit that just screams SUMMERTIME.

And if there's anything we deserve this year, it's a really good summer. Okay?

What do you think of Paul's suit? Let us know in the comments below!