10+ Times Celebrities Called Out Problematic Interviewers

Being a celebrity is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Not only does it mean having to keep a hectic schedule, but it also requires an incredible amount of patience.

Sometimes, that patience is tested when the press crosses a line. Then, a celeb is left with no other option other than to stand up for themselves. Have a look at these 10+ times that celebrities called out problematic interviewers.

Taylor Swift

Taylor was giving an interview at the Grammy's when a reporter joked how Taylor would likely be going home with plenty of awards and plenty of men.

The pop star didn't think the comment was funny in the slightest, and coldly stated that she'd be going home alone to her cats.

Rita Ora

Things seem to be going all fine and well during Rita Ora's interview with the Associated Press. But when the interviewer tries to bring up the subject of Calvin Harris, Rita Ora shuts it down and walks away.

Keira Knightley

One reporter at the Hollywood Film Awards asked Keira how she was able to balance her work with her personal life. She paused, thought for a moment, and replied "Are you going to ask all the men that, tonight?"

Paris Hilton

During an interview with ABC, Paris is repeatedly asked whether or not she feels that her 15 minutes of fame are up. Instead of dignifying the question with a response, Paris calmly stands up and walks out.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett was asked during an interview for The Avengers if she was wearing underwear underneath her Black Widow costume.

The Oscar-nominated actress was appalled and shocked, saying only that she'd leave it up to the interviewer's imagination.

Robert Downey Jr.

It's no secret that Robert Downey Jr. has a checkered past, but he's worked tirelessly to put his demons behind him and move on.

When one reporter seemed intent on drudging up skeletons, Robert smiled and said "Bye," before walking out.

Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj is yet another celebrity to call out the legendary comedian and daytime talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres.

When Ellen tried to joke about being unable to pronounce Hasan's name, he shot back saying "If you can pronounce Ansel Elgort, you can pronounce Hasan Minhaj."

Jonah Hill

In 2014 when Jonah made the decision to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle, a reporter asked him if Hollywood still considered him to be "the fat guy."

Visibly upset by the insensitive remark, Jonah moves on by asking if anyone in the room had any "smart questions."

Mariah Carey

Back when Rosie O'Donnell had her own talk show, Mariah appeared as a guest. After Rosie began making degrading comments on Mariah's dress and figure, the iconic R&B star shut her down by explaining that as a woman — she had a right to show her body however she saw fit.

Tom Hardy

During a press conference for Legend, a reporter asked Tom Hardy whether or not he found it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality.

Tom probed further, asking if the reporter was indirectly asking him about his own sexuality. When he confirmed this to be true, Tom asked "Why?" and moved on.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon didn't take kindly to a reporter who insinuated that tenure makes school teachers lazy — especially since his mother happens to be a Boston-area school teacher.

The Oscar-winning actor reasoned that no person would ever take such a stressful, low-paying job unless they loved it.

Dakota Johnson

During an appearance on The Ellen Show, DeGeneres began grilling Dakota for not inviting her to her birthday party.

The young star quickly nipped Ellen's intrusive line of questioning in the bud by reminding her that she was invited — Ellen just never bothered to show up.

Emma Thompson

Emma was asked if she had any thoughts or opinions on the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She told the Daily Mail that she didn't have "a single thought in my head" about it.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia was a guest on Chelsea Lately and had mentioned that she'd enjoyed reading Chelsea's books.

The host then explained to Sofia that they also come in a Spanish version, to which Sofia replied "I don't need the Spanish version, don't be so racist."

Ariana Grande

Ari was asked by one of the hosts that if she could use makeup or her phone one last time, which one would she pick?

The pop princess feigned a laugh and answered "Is this what you think girls have trouble choosing between?"