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People Are Sharing Their Rudest Run-Ins With Celebrities

Meeting celebrities in the flesh can be quite a daunting experience — and saying "in the flesh" makes them sound like Cronenbergian monsters actually, apologies.

However, sometimes celebrities are decidedly less than delighted to see fans in the real world, and in light of this a lot of people across the internet have been sharing some of their worst encounters with their favorite celebs.

Being Judged By Kourtney Kardashian...

TikTok user hannah.krystinag was getting ready to leave after her birthday dinner when she noticed Kourtney, so she went over to ask for a picture. "[Kourtney] stared at me, looked me up and down, and said, 'Suuuure.' Before my friend could even take the picture, she was like, 'Are we done here?'"

Gwen Stefani Wasn't In The Mood For A Meet And Greet

User SmorePie wrote, "[Met] Gwen Stefani [in] 1995 at a meet & greet. I got to the shop just as the sesh was wrapping up and she refused my autograph."

Don't Make Jamie Foxx Wait Around For Pretzels!

User lilytincture regaled us with their tale of pretzel-based deviousness, writing:

"Jamie Foxx and his huge entourage cut my sister in the pretzel line at Disneyland and proceeded to order like a dozen pretzels. The cast member hosting him semi-apologized, but more like, 'Oh he's VIP, so you can wait.'"

Some Hotel Staff Aren't To Look At Lenny Kravitz!

On a Reddit thread, one user recounted a bizarre story about Kravitz, writing:

"I haven't met many but Lenny Kravitz stayed at the hotel I worked at. He had the hotel sign an agreement that the staff were not to look at him or talk to him."

Justin Timberlake Has Trouble Speaking For Himself Sometimes...

One internet being, ssslothefresh, explained what happened when they met Justin Timberlake, writing:

"I asked Justin Timberlake for an autograph in an elevator. He didn't even answer me. Then, his bodyguard said no, and they got off the elevator."

Don't Call Machine Gun Kelly "Sis"!

TikToker @emmielamp was lucky enough to go to a meet and greet with Machine Gun Kelly ("lucky" is one word to describe the experience I guess). However, when she inadvertently called him "sis" MGK flew off the handle and began swearing at her, prompting her to leave the room in tears.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Poor Flight Attendant

I hate it when people leave a cacophonous mess on a plane, and so does user L.E. as they wrote:

"I'm a flight attendant and flew [Sophie Ellis-Bextor] from Ibiza to London. She was rude and her kids threw food everywhere."

Steve Jobs Wasn't In The Best Mood At MacWorld!

You would have thought that "MacWorld" would be where Jobs was at his happiest, but user zineasatrue explained:

"I met Steve Jobs at MacWorld in 2003. So rude that I have not forgotten to this day. Shortly after, I met Robin Williams, and he was so nice — even posed for a picture."

Good to hear Robin Williams at least getting a nice mention, I guess!

Don't Ask William Shatner To Wait Around...

Another Redditor explained their tale of childhood woe when meeting Shatner, writing:

"William Shatner said he would give me an autograph in Hawaii when I was about 10. He said 'lemme get a pen', got in his limo and drove off."

Ellen DeGeneres Isn't About Charity In Real Life!

TikToker rytoast10, who started this whole thread, wrote that he saw Ellen outside of an In-N-Out Burger, because apparently that's a normal place to see Ellen.

Ryan only had an old In-N-Out Burger bag to hand, but when they went to see if she would sign it, Ellen slammed the door on him and screamed, "This isn't a charity!"

Jeffree Star Shops At Target?

User Jacci Mahoney explained that her daughter saw Jeffree Star in Target, where Star was acting "super snotty." Then, she wrote, her daughter snapped a pic to which Star called her a "creep"!

Tennis Pros Love Bath And Body Works, Apparently?

There is no way of knowing if it actually was Mr Hewitt in this story, but the idea of it made me laugh so much for some reason. User celestepet wrote:

"Leighton Hewitt cut infront of me in the line at Bath and Body Works at Chadstone even though he clearly knew I was waiting."

Perhaps he genuinely didn't see them, or maybe they were cut off by someone who simply looked like the tennis pro; however, either way, the image of this for some reason has me in stitches.

Alec Baldwin Doesn't Like People Touching His Dogs...

User dhockey told of a time, when they were six, they saw Alec Baldwin in the Hamptons.

"I was 6, so I wanted to pet their dogs. Mind you, they left their dogs outside of the store, so I didn’t know it was theirs. They quickly yanked their dogs away from me and yelled at me. I was [expletive] 6," they went on to write.

I can understand being protective of your dogs, but a six-year-old might not know better?

James Spader And The Baby Chip Debacle...

Okay, this one isn't a "rude" encounter by any stretch, but it was simply too good not to include, and a nice little encouter to end on! Redditor piperpo wrote:

"My parents often tell the story of when we met [James Spader] at a [Mexican] restaurant!! [At] the time I was a baby and, as babies do, I picked up a chip and handed it behind me to James Spader. [He] then looked up confused and said in his James Spader voice 'that baby.... handed me... a chip' [To] be fair it wasn't rude. We would all be confused if strange babies tried to hand us chips."