Prepare To Be Jealous Of The Woman Who Abandoned Her Life To Live In A Van With Her Dog

We all have dreams of one day just picking up everything and running off to live in the woods with our pets, right? Wrong? Well, regardless of whether you see yourself as a great adventurer or not, there's no denying some peace and quiet is something we could all use.

So when I heard a story about a young woman who abandoned her life to live in a van in the wilderness with her dog, I knew I had to tell you all about it!

Living in a van isn't like how it was back in the day — enter Chris Farley's iconic *SNL* sketch.

Many millennials are opting to forgo traditional homeownership and are instead renovating vans to make them full-time liveable spaces.

It's actually really neat!

One of these van-loving young people is Linnea Schmelzer.

The 26-year-old runs an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account called @linnea.and.akela, where she documents her day-to-day life living in a van in the remote wilderness of Idaho with her 5-year-old German Shepherd, Akela.

Before embarking on her unconventional lifestyle, Linnea ended a five-year relationship and quit her job as a field instructor for a wilderness therapy company.

Speaking with Daily Mail Linnea said: "I did enjoy my life prior to the van. It was filled with building my future, spending time with friends, working on my relationship with my partner at the time, and being really active in more ways than one."

"[But] I will say though, I was excited for something different and more fulfilling," she continued. "I knew in my heart that my life wasn't really what I wanted it to be."

"I was seeking more depth, purpose, travels and experiences, so I decided to get Togo."

Togo is the name Linnea has given her van, which she has spent $20,000 renovating to make it liveable.

However, she hasn't added a shower, water pump or toilet because she wants to keep the build simple.

When nature calls, Linnea uses public toilets or the wilderness.

As for showers, the 26-year-old heats up water and pours it into a 6L dromedary bag, using a shower tent that is stored in her van.

"My build is very simple; no shower, no water pump, no toilet - but I knew that I would be perfectly happy without those luxuries," she explained to the publication.

"I truly think it's beautiful that we all have different definitions of living a content life."

As for her travel companion, Linnea can't think of anyone better than her dog, Akela.

"She is my ultimate travel partner and companion, and I can't imagine doing any of this without her," she admitted.

As a woman, the feeling of protection and safety is always a priority for Linnea.

"[Akela] is also protective of the van and myself, which makes me feel much more comfortable knowing that she will always warn me of danger."

"I love living the way I do. I value my alone time and being in nature," she added.

"I am often at peace, excited for what I will witness or see in each area and I mostly feel really grounded."

When asked if she had any words of advice for people wanting to embark on a similar life journey, Linnea said:

"Do your research, watch multiple people ['s projects] and read about different methods until you find something that either resonates with you or makes you feel confident."

"Be gentle with yourself," she emphasized. 'You will mess up. It's okay, it just adds some character to your home! Lastly, laugh at yourself. A lot."

What an amazing idea! I'd love to have a weekend getaway in one of these things!

h/t: Daily Mail