31 Times People Showed Off Their Stupidity

Even when you think that you have seen it all, there are people in this world who will surprise you with a little nugget of insanity right from the back of their brain bank.

And so, from people who bought nonexistent chairs to individuals who didn't seem to understand what airports are, here are 31 times people showed off their stupidity.

"I've got a 'Clue' these designers have no idea what they're talking about!"

As someone also pointed out, this type of "revolver" would really make Russian roulette a much faster game.

"If only flamingos had some part of their anatomy that could be represented on the long skinny part on the bottom."

Are flamingoes also known for sitting on the top of flowers? That must be some flower to take the entire weight of a flamingo!

"They just don't go together..."

The designer had one simple job when it came to making this sign, and they fell at the first hurdle.

"This chimney right in front of a window spotted in historic Yorktown, VA."

Nothing quite like breathing in the fresh air and looking out over a view of bricks first thing in the morning!

"They say the best fudge comes from Uranus..."

"Do you get what I've done?"

"I mean, it would be pretty hard not to get it Dave."

"PSA to Chicago bike thieves."

Pfft, you should always check whether a bike is cursed before you steal it, that's just common knowledge! That's why thieves always have a medium with them.

Lost For Words...

Moments like this do make you fear for the future of the human race. I wonder if she ever got on the right plane or if she now lives in that airport?

"I can't help but feel that they missed the boat."

"You were clearly supposed to get a sign that was shaped like a train!"

"That is a train, they float on the water for God's sake!"

" you seriously not know what a train is?"

"Err... I don't have to answer that!"

"Poor placement of your website address there."

"Well, I went to the website on the back of your truck and none of what you're doing seems very sanitary!"

"I'm sorry...what?"

Become a Pokemon master!

I am sure that there are perhaps some other reasons why someone might join the Navy as well?

"Great font size choice!"

It is actually quite a good idea as it is more likely to get people to stop and think, "What does that say?" Either that or it will just cause more car crashes.

Who Thought Out This Poll?

It's good to also see that, aside from it just being completely insane, the percentages also add up to 101%!

"This football doesn't like kids."

Dear God, they really shouldn't have split those letters up like that! This is really sending out the wrong message!

"Picture cannot be centred level because of an even number of notches."

This is the perfect picture-hanging equipment for if your house is on a severe lean.

"Is this supposed to be so difficult to read?"

It took me an unbelievable amount of time to work out what this says, and I'm still not sure that I have worked it out properly.

"Got some old produce signs in at work. Didn't sleep last night, and took way to long to figure out what 'snoino' meant."

I used to know someone who ate snoinos whole, like you would eat an elppa.

"neVv york!"

I also don't know why anyone would just want a mug with these random four cities on, what's the significance?!


It is amazing how many tiny cuts the human hand can surprise you with when you're sanitizing your hands.

"What could possibly go wrong?"

Alright, Larry, the good news is you have a break from your regular duties today because I need you to be a sawing table. What's wrong with those non-human tables over there? Not now, Larry!

"This person made a fake ID with his girlfriend."

Maybe they wanted to make sure their girlfriend could also reap the rewards of a fake idea — all without having to pay for another one.

"Someone at the zoo tried to eat the fake fruit display in front of the food shop. Then they put it back."

To the person who took a chomp out of the fake fruit on display at the zoo, did you get your daily dose of plastic and foam in that one bite?

"Facepalm more like Faceboom."

When your lit firework doesn't go off, maybe don't immediately point it towards your face to see what's wrong — just a thought.

Pretty sure that's not how they work.

It would seem as though that twinkle or spark you have in your eyes is more dangerous than you thought!

"'Accessible handicapped parking!' SUVs/Trucks only?"

The person who designed this clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'accessible.' Words aside; even a little common sense would have helped.

"Hold my steering while I text."

Whoever decided where to place this ad should seriously rethink their strategy. A little counterproductive, don't you think?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower now both in Italy!

The Eiffel Tower is debatably one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Who thinks it's in Italy? Seriously, how does this happen?

"Paris or France?"

Who knew Paris was in France other than everybody? Also, Bora Bora is part of French Polynesia, but let's save that for another day.

"Saw this in the wild at a local grocery store. We've been doing it wrong this whole time."

A great solution if you're an aquatic mammal with a blowhole, like a whale, but not so effective for humans.

"He's got some Twix up his sleeves..."

I think that a Twix is a good shout for a pillow, as it's soft and you could eat it afterwards of course. A Bounty would probably be just as comfortable, but who would want to eat a Bounty?

"Thanks for the heads up."

Without this packaging, are we to assume that chickens are assembled in China? I always thought they came from eggs!

"Bought tickets for me and my dad to see a concert, and this is my seat."

This person did eventually go on to add that, "They just gave me a lawn chair," which is one way around this I guess.