20 Awkward Moments That Are Almost Unbelievable

There are few things as awful as getting yourself into a truly embarrassing situation. However, the internet loves to see other people in these awful situations.

So, with this awful notion in mind, prepare yourself for these 20 awkward moments that we couldn't make up if we tried...and I don't think that we'd even want to try.

"He's just a nice guy, Megan."

The bit where he wrote, "quite frankly smooth" was where I lost it. I cannot imagine how long he had been thinking of this chat-up line before sending it.

A Surprise Singing Clown!

This person explained: "When I was 14 I was dating a girl from another high school. I decided to surprise her on her birthday by dressing up as a clown and busting into her classroom singing 'Happy Birthday.' She was mortified! When the dust settled she thankfully realized the thoughtfulness that went into the gesture."

"You get what you deserve!"

I've heard some bad excuses to get out of a date before, but "I'm just on here for jokes" is one of the worst I've ever heard.

"Email me back ahaha..."

Oh God, this one really hurts to look at. Also, I love the stock reply suggestion of "That's weird" at the bottom.

A Foolproof Plan!

This is an incredibly genius idea...devious as hell, but also genius! I wonder if it would actually work though?

"When your 20 year plan gets derailed..."

I would still be tempted to throw a big party and just celebrate delaying your life goals! Sounds like a hoot!

"Clickbait through the mail!?"

Now that the Catholic Church has mastered the art of physical click bait, there will be no stopping them!

Wrong Number!

If I were Cole then I would have just pretended to be in the group and given her the worst advice possible.

It's A Bold Strategy!

I kind of admire this guy for just shooting his shot like this! I really want to know if it worked for him though.


Wow, what a burn. I mean, they were still being a bit suspect by liking old pictures but this is one hell of a putdown.

"More sad than cringe."

One very positive person did add, "It's sweet he tried, sweet she made him think he did well, sweet she only text her mum and sweet her mum replied with good advice she already followed."

Memories Can Hurt!

Kids can be so cruel, and this is a memory that will be with them until their dying breath! Their resentment at not being invited to that party the last thought that crosses their dying brain.

Why Did He Shut Himself Down?

Why would you ever put yourself unnecessarily down like this on a dating app? Have confidence in yourself my guy!

"They must have been special."

Why would anyone ever get this sticker for their car? I mean, what's the end game here, that the person it is for sees it and texts you back?

"Yea that's gonna be a yikes from me, dog."

Well, I am sure that those family events are always a non-stop laugh riot! I'd be giving the family BBQs a miss that's for sure.

"A bit too brutal?"

That is certainly one way to let someone know that you don't want to be their friend I guess.

That's One Way To Do It...

As far as ways to reject someone go, this is one of the most unnecessarily brutal that I have ever seen.

"Sheeeeesh, just say no..."

Why even agree to the date in the first place if this is how you feel about it? Absolutely baffling.

"Found for sale at a second hand store."

I mean, it is a truly hideous cushion regardless of the crushingly awkward sentiment behind it, so I can see why they'd want to get rid of it.

"Returned gift moment..."

Cards exist for a reason, that reason being so that you don't have to scrawl messages all over gifts!