Students Make 'Selfie Planters' To Encourage A Growth Mindset As School Wraps Up For Summer

When most of us think of selfies, we envision someone taking a picture of themselves. However, one group of students were assigned to make planters that looked like them to embody a growth mindset. These planter selfies encourage the students to grow not only their plants but also their hearts and minds.

Growth mindset has become a popular lesson for many.

Ravi Roshan l Unsplash

In recent years, growth mindset has become a valuable learning tool for people of all ages. First introduced by Carol Dweck, growth mindset is all about practicing resilience when we are met with adversity.

One teacher thought it was important for her students to learn about it.

One teacher named Ms. Casiano had a very special final project in mind for her fifth grade students at the Carl E. Schluter Elementary in Texas. She had them make selfie planters to mark the end of the school year.

The planters are easy to make.

This project was perfect for the students, as it challenged them to be creative while being fun to make. They used plaster as well as recycled materials to form their selfie planters and decorate them with paint.

It's all about the students preparing for middle school.

Moving from elementary school to middle school can be a scary time for many kids. It's not easy to grow up both physically and mentally. Fortunately, Ms. Casiano recognized that her students may need some time to reflect on who they are and who they wish to become.

Each student planted seeds in their planter.

The soil, seeds and water they added to their planters represented planted new seeds of possibilities in their lives.

Other teachers have been assigning this project too.

Teachers of all grade levels have been having their students try this activity. They love the unique approach to a fun art project with the larger message of telling kids that it's okay to have doubts, make mistakes and learn for the rest of their lives.

Every selfie planter reflects a personality.

The kids didn't just make sure their planters resemble what they look like, they made them with clothes and characteristics that speak to what makes them happy and confident.

The kids even got to pick their own flowers.


While some teachers opt for real flowers, others go with synthetic. Either way, it's nice to see the kids choose flowers that reflect their inner shine.

These selfie planters should be a requirement for everyone.

We don't think it's fun for the kids to have all of the fun when this project is beneficial for people of all ages. Having a growth mindset can change someone's life and add perspective on success and failure in powerful ways.

Let us know what you think of this planter selfie project all about growth mindset in the comments and if you plan to make your own.