16+ Pics That Aren't What They Seem To Be

It's become a common trope in horror movies for the monster to disguise itself as something else, be it an object, an animal, or a person. There's usually a tell though, something that makes the min character think twice.

This isn't a horror movie, of course, it's a list on the internet, but the concept is somewhat the same. In this list, you'll find pics of things that feel like other things, or just aren't what they seem to be!

"There's an old woman's face in my belly button."

Did you ever encounter, and potentially anger, any old witches in your youth? This feels like the mark of some sort of curse.

"This Disability Parking space symbol with mirror image makes it look like Cthulu Parking."

In his defense, it's probably pretty hard for Cthulu to find a parking spot given his impossible size and all, so it's nice that this place is offering him one.

"My bracelet started picking up all of the iron from the sand."

I know that stuff is soft, but it always looks spiny like a sea urchin. Like you could use the inside of your wrist as a weapon.

"Pollen on the water surface of my rain barrel looks like a map."

I was tricked twice on this because I thought that was paint. No, I don't know how it'd be paint, but it looks like paint.

"[...] a cat on my way home at 2am."

Nah, no way, that's not a cat. It may look like a cat, I'll give you that, but that's absolutely some sort of monster in disguise.

"This fungi looks like a tentacled alien."

Not only that, but the texture it looks like it has is vile. That would be so unpleasant to touch. Why is fungi like this, why can't it always be cute mushrooms?

"[...] a cactus up close."

I couldn't tell you what I thought this was, but for some reason 'cactus' didn't even cross my mind.

"Looks kind of like a [cappuccino] at first but it's just an upside down mug."

If my morning ever started like this, I think I'd just turn around and head right back to bed.

"A wildfire ripped through Waterton Lakes National Park in 2017. Found this burn pattern on a tree there last month."

It was likely devastating when it happened, yes, but it certainly did leave some of the trees looking like art!

"Very large cuboid tree/s next to the Seville cathedral."

Does the uncanny valley exist for non-humans? Could this be considered in that?

"They repurposed honey bottles."

Some poor fool is going to think they made clear honey and be in for a rude awakening when they put it in their coffee.

"This glitch in the matrix."

Either this was on purpose or they're both going to feel a little embarrassed about their fashion choices for the rest of the day.

"The carpet in my house is almost identical to the color and consistency of this cat litter."

Hopefully your cats don't start taking the rest of the house as their litterbox too, then.

"Looks like the girl is photoshopped."

With this one, I'm not convinced she isn't photoshopped. That leg lighting is not natural.

"[...] a leftover movie set from Kong: Skull Island in Hawaii."

You mean there aren't perfectly exposed and cleaned dinosaur bones just laying around Hawaii? Aw man.

"Pine cone got sanded by the bottom of my pool and it’s cleaning robot."

Not what I expected the inside of a pinecone to look like, but alright.

Also, what does your cleaning robot get up to in there if it manages to do this?

"Buttons & buttonholes on blouse."

I was going to say the unbuttoned one looks extremely unsettling, but so does the buttoned one. It's an unsettling shirt.

'Thumb up makes it look like the girl has no pants on."

And the girl in the back has no idea. I'm not sure the girl in the front does either. Maybe this was all on the photographer.

"Rolling countryside."

Quite the hilly terrain, but that road looks pretty stable so surely it's safe.

"This pic of my girlfriend lying down after a hike looks photoshopped. She looks like a sticker."

This looking photoshopped is so funny because why would anyone photoshop this? Who would put in the effort for just this?

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