Morgan Freeman Just Turned 85 And You Are Now Reading This In His Voice

Mason Joseph Zimmer

If you were to ask 1,000 people who they wanted most to narrate their lives, it's a pretty safe bet that Morgan Freeman would top the list.

The legendary actor's dulcet tones have proven to be perfect for everything from documentaries about penguins to Bruce Almighty's interpretation of God himself, but it would be doing a major disservice to the man to reduce his career to just the result of a cool voice.

And what better time to celebrate his achievements as a whole than this, the day of his 85th birthday?

Born in 1937, Freeman joined the Air force after finishing high school, as he had initially dreamed of being a fighter pilot.

As Fox 13 reported, this plan soon changed when he caught the acting bug.

And while he would catch his first claim to fame during the 1970s as Easy Rider in the educational children's show The Electric Company, trouble loomed for the actor by the early '80s.

As he put it, "I thought my 15 minutes were up [...] I needed to get a job."

But soon enough, Freeman would learn that his best years in the business were yet to come.

He credited Hollywood legend Paul Newman for restarting his career and by the end of the decade, he would secure two Oscar nominations for the 1987 movie Street Smart and the 1989 hit Driving Miss Daisy.

Five years later, he would receive yet another nomination for perhaps his most celebrated role, Red in the massively acclaimed The Shawshank Redemption.

However, Oscar gold would continue to elude the actor until he was finally given his due in 2005 for his work in *Million Dollar Baby*.

Getty Images | Paras Griffin

And by the time 2010 rolled around, Freeman would receive his fourth Academy Award nomination for playing Nelson Mandela in Invictus a year prior.

Although he's hardly finished yet, he can already say he's entered his 85th birthday having achieved an enviable amount in his career.

h/t: Fox 13