People Are Sharing Their Awful Celebrity Interactions: 'So Rude'

Sometimes people think that their favorite celebrities behave in the exact same manner as they do on TV and in film. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

In an effort to peel back the curtain, more and more people are sharing their rude celebrity interactions. Have a look and see if your favorite celebs are as nice in real life as they appear to be.

Gwen Stefani doesn't stay late.

This was back in 1995; when Gwen was still known primarily as the lead singer for the American rock band, No Doubt.

After waiting in line patiently as the band's meet-n-greet session wrapped up, TikTok user @smorepie 's autograph request was refused.

Hilary Duff takes days off from fans.

TikTok user @cora_theexxplorerc and her friend were blown away after walking into the same elevator as Hilary Duff.

When the pair asked Hilary for an autograph, she told them that it was her day off and promptly walked off the elevator.

Jamie Foxx doesn't wait in line for pretzels.

While waiting in line for a hot pretzel at Disneyland, lilytincture was shocked to see Jamie Foxx and his entire entourage cut the line right in front of them.

Jamie's crew mustered a half-apology that was dripping in insincerity.

Machine Gun Kelly is sensitive when it comes to what nicknames he likes to be called.

After being invited to hang out with the hip-hop/pop-punk wunderkind, @emmielamp made the error of calling MGK "sis."

When he started to cuss and swear, @emmielamp ran out of the room with tears streaming down her face.

Kourtney Kardashian is judging you.

When TikTok user @hannah.krystinag got up to leave after her birthday dinner, she spotted Kourtney and asked for a picture. "She stared at me, looked me up and down, and said, 'Suuuure.' Before my friend could even take the picture, she was like, 'Are we done here?'"

Ellen DeGeneres doesn't do charity...unless the cameras are rolling.

TikTok user @rytoast10 saw Ellen outside of an In-N-Out Burger of all places. Desperate for an autograph, they offered up a greasy burger bag for Ellen to sign.

The daytime star told Ryan to stop invading her personal space and that "this is not a charity."

Steve jobs lives up to his reputation.

Back in 2003, Buzzfeed user zineasatrue was attending the MacWorld tech conference.

Apparently, Steve Jobs was "So rude that I have not forgotten to this day. Shortly after I met Robin Williams and he was so nice and even posed for a picture."

Padma Lakshmi shoots daggers from her eyes.

Buzzfeed community member lauraldora23 says that she was working in a salon that Padma used to frequent. "I went to go grab her from the waiting area, and I have never had someone look at me with such disgust," they said.

You can use the photo booth, but Justin Bieber gets dibs.

TikTok user @bernalyssa recalls being at a party with Justin Bieber. She had just shut the curtain to the photo booth when all of a sudden Justin stormed in and tried to tell her to get out.

Whatever you do, don't try and pet Alec Baldwin's dogs.

According to dhockey aka Dahlia, they were only 6-years-old when they spotted Alec's dogs tied up outside of a store. In their youthful ignorance, they approached the dogs and tried to pet them.

When Alec came out, he yanked the dogs back and started screaming.

Rob Schneider isn't a fan of meet-n-greets.

After seeing the renowned comedian perform in a local club, Buzzfeed community member TH and her husband stuck around for a meet-n-greet. "He was completely unenthusiastic during the whole meeting," they said. "Like we were twisting his arm. Such a tool."

Helen Hunt doesn't want your flowers.

A young fan was waiting for Helen Hunt after a Broadway performance in 2003; they brought her flowers and a card.

Helen explained that she doesn't accept flowers from strangers, not even 16-year-old fans, and then started yelling accusing @scentgent of making her feel nervous.

Justin Timberlake will flat out ignore you.

It's precisely what happened to ssslothefresh after they asked Justin for an autograph while the two were inside the same elevator.

Apparently, Justin didn't say a word; his security guard was actually the one to say "no."

Anthony Mackie just knew that you were going to bug him.

That's what he said to a group of his friends after @alexxx_robinson and her husband asked Anthony for a photo.

When Alex asked Anthony if his response meant that his answer was "no," he responded that "it's absolutely a no."

Don't approach Kylie when she's eating.

According to Buzzfeed community member aneri717,

"She blankly stared at me while Jordyn and her assistant Victoria had their heads down trying not to laugh. Kylie said “I don’t do pictures while I’m eating.” ..... there was no food in front of them."

Andrew Zimmern hates autograph lines.

When ChristineInMN met American chef Andrew Zimmern at a Minnesota Twins game, she didn't get quite what she bargained for.

After paying good money for a picture/signed copy of Andrew's latest book, all he could do was sigh exasperatedly and whine about how he hoped this would be the last one.

Kenny Rogers was high on his own horse.

It's not that Kenny Rogers was outright rude, but rather that he was incredibly self-aggrandizing. According to michellef429789405, Kenny made it seem as if meeting him was the highlight of his fans' lives.

Ice-T doesn't forget people who ruin his takes.

TikTok user @mocaloca75 is the first to admit that sometimes celebrities are in the right.

They explained "Somehow I managed to walk on set in NYC while he was filming scenes in 2 different shows about 10 years apart. He wasn't really mean, but annoyed."

Don't talk to Brad Pitt before he's had his morning coffee.

While @TinaCo.official was waiting in line for coffee while visiting Munich, they happened to run into Brad Pitt. The iconic actor was allegedly incredibly short and rude to the wait staff and seemed particularly perturbed about something.

Jeffree Star doesn't want you to know that he shops at Target.

YouTuber and entrepreneur Jeffree Star was shopping in Target when he was approached by @jacci_pata and her young niece. He was reportedly behaving rudely, so the young girl snapped a photo of him. Jeffree then called her a "creep" and walked away.

Brooke Shields won't pose for a photo with you.

TikTok user @raisingsunshineinc was denied a photo with Brooke Shields, but the actress said "You can take a picture of me.' So I fumbled with my phone for a second, and she goes, 'Take it. TAKE IT. TAKE IT.' Looking back, I wish I said, 'Forget it.'"

William Shatner destroys young fans' dreams.

When Reddit user cptgonzo was vacationing in Hawaii as a young boy, he happened to run into Captain Kirk himself. When he asked for an autograph, Shatner told the child he was going to get a pen, then proceeded to get into his limo and drive off.

Bam Margera's bad attitude landed him in a heap of trouble at the local skate park.

The former skateboard pro/founding member of Jackass was in Seattle shooting an episode for his latest TV series. After talking smack to the wrong local, Redditor Optic1 watched as Bam got knocked on his ass.

Lenny Kravitz made the hotel staff sign an agreement stating that they wouldn't look at him.

This sounds like pretty diva/rockstar behavior, but there may be a method to the madness. I like to think that Lenny was simply asking to be ignored, so as to not draw attention to the fact that he was staying in the hotel.

Busta Rhymes doesn't like it when stores don't know his size.

Reddit user BosskHogg was managing a jersey store in Atlanta when in walks legendary hip-hop artist, Busta Rhymes.

The store didn't have Busta's hat size, which led him to become furious and call the manager a "dumb [expletive]."

Dan Akroyd is his own biggest fan.

This one stings. According to Redditor TheLostSkellyton, Dan Akroyd is a bit of a pompous jerk. "He had an extraordinarily high opinion of himself. I've met lots of actors, and some were nicer than others, but he was the only rude one."

Chevy Chase berated a young fan (and his father) for asking for an autograph.

When Redditor Goosebump007 was 8-years-old, they saw Chevy at a hotel and asked for an autograph. The legendary comedian then began screaming and yelling

When his father came over to investigate, Chevy switched targets and started accusing the boy's father of not raising his child right.

Peter Mayhew (aka Chewbacca) is one grumpy Wookie.

Years back while Redditor ray_area and their friends were attending Comic Con, they were eagerly waiting in line to meet their hero Peter Mayhew.

Apparently, Peter couldn't care less what his fans had to say and his only concern was ensuring that everyone paid full price for pictures.

Jimmy Carr will do anything so as to avoid having a conversation with his fans.

While in Dublin, Redditor irishconoros spotted the comedian and turned to tell their friend. "Which he heard, he then took out his phone and pretended to talk to someone in a fake “leprechaun irish[sic]” accent and speed walked[sic] down the steeet[sic]."

Tim Allen strikes fear into the hearts of Apple employees wherever he goes.

According to Reddit user Sharon58, whenever Tim would come into his local Apple store, the employees used to scatter like ice from the spoon.

Not only was Tim intolerable, but he also used to threaten employees by saying that he was going to personally call Steve Jobs.

Samuel L. Jackson doubles down.

When Samuel L. Jackson was approached on the street by Revolutionary_Muffin for a photo, he brushed it off by saying that he wasn't actually Sam Jackson and that they were confused.

What's the rudest celeb encounter you've ever had? Leave a comment and let us know!