Newsstand Found At A Flea Market Gets Converted Into A Chic Bar

Physical newspapers are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to digital media. And while we're saving some trees by getting our news on our phones, there's one thing that doesn't transfer well to digital life: newsstands!

Luckily, DIYer Marissa knew exactly what to do when she spotted a broken-down newsstand: Turn it into a bar, of course.

Here she is.

As you can see, this poor newsstand has seen better days. It was dirty as heck, broken in a lot of places, and in desperate need of some new paint.

However, it had potential.

Marissa took it home.

She knew it could be something beautiful! she peeled off the old stickers, gave it a power wash, and removed some of the hardware from the interior that she wouldn't need.

She chose a gorgeous green color for the bar!

Marissa opted to spray paint the whole thing, which was a great idea. The not-so-great idea? No priming! If you want to try this, make sure to get a primer meant for metal.

She then added my favorite decor trick.

I absolutely love contact paper, so you can imagine how I feel about Marissa choosing to put it on the sides of the bar! It's hard to tell, but the gold is actually metallic and reflective!

Gold accents finished off the bar.

She painted the legs of the bar gold, as well as the front grating under the opening.

Once it all dried, the bar was ready to be stocked!

All done!

Well, this looks amazing. I've never seen a bar like this before, that's for sure! I love that she added the contact paper inside the bar, too. It gives it so much personality!

She gave some backstory to how she found the newsstand in the comments.

Originally, the bar wasn't meant to be made from a newsstand at all! However, she saw it at a flea market and decided it would be the perfect thing to try her idea out with.

She has even more plans for it, too!

The little door on the right side of the newsstand actually opens. For now, it doesn't hold anything — but in the future, Marissa wants to add a speaker to it!

You can watch the whole TikTok here.

Check out Marissa's process, and get some ideas for your next DIY project!

What do you think? Would you try turning trash into treasure like this? I totally would!