Mom Reveals Messy Truth About Her House On TikTok: 'Belly Laughing On Repeat'

Social media can sometimes give us unrealistic expectations when it comes to what life is really like. But just because you see a picture-perfect Instagram shot, doesn't necessarily mean that all is well in real life.

To help shatter this veil of disillusionment, a mom recently revealed the truth about her messy house on TikTok and it has the internet belly laughing on repeat.

The video begins with Peruxican explaining that she only buys enough toys to fit into a basket.

Unsplash | Ryan Quintal

At which point, Peruxican proudly points to a neat and tidy little basket behind the couch. The lid is secured and all appears to be tidy and properly put away.

She goes on to say that her kids are allowed to have a work station, but nothing is allowed to leave the table.

This has got to be the cleanest workstation I've ever seen in my entire life.

Looking at my own desk, there's a dirty plate and three empty coffee cups within arm's reach — how is this even possible?!

It turns out that Peruxican's tidy home isn't all that it appears to be.

As she rounds the corner after showing her followers the clean workstation, Peruxican pans to the corner of the room to reveal a proverbial bombshell of toys and assorted clutter.

Her honesty has all of TikTok laughing along.

TikTok user Dev Demery commented "This is how I planned on keeping my house...Until I actually had a kid and learned that it's completely unrealistic."

“At first I was so jealous of your minimalism and now I’ve been belly laughing on repeat. Thank you,” said one comment.

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