Resurfaced 1994 Interview Proves Keanu Reeves Has Always Been A Gentleman

Keanu Reeves is a national treasure. Say otherwise and we will fight you.

Just take a read of these heartwarming fan stories or read all the nice things Winona Ryder had to say about him.

Need more proof? This newly-resurfaced interview will do the trick. It proves that he's always treated women with nothing but the utmost respect.

Keanu Reeves has always been a gentleman.

Just look at how he poses with women in photographs. He is the king of not touching them!

He also has nothing but nice things to say about them, as evident from this 1994 clip that was recently posted to TikTok.

He was doing an interview on *The Big Breakfast* when they asked him what kind of girls he likes.

"Oh gosh, what sort of girls do I like? They're all angels," he replied in the most adorable Keanu way.

He also let out the most adorable howl when he shared that he's a ~lonewolf~.

Naturally, people couldn't help but fall more in love with the actor. "My heart. He is legit," commented one user. "I'm in love with this man," added another.

See the interview for yourself:

Many were delighted that Hollywood hasn't changed him over the years.

"He was always so sweet and humble he's not changed what a wonder to see," one wrote. In other words, protect this man at all costs.