Flight Attendant Explains Why She Looks At Passengers So Closely Before Take-Off

Every occupation and every industry has its little secrets, and the airline industry probably has more than most.

A flight attendant recently created a TikTok video where she gave a glimpse into what's actually going on when you board a flight.

Among her insights was finally explaining just why flight attendants eyeball everyone so much when they walk up and down the aisle.

We've all been there.

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You've dealt with airport security and are now on the plane, strapped in for a flight in a tiny seat inside a tin can.

To add to the list of indignities, the flight attendant gives you a serious once-over as they pass you by. What's with this?

Kat Kamalani has some answers.

TikTok | @katkamalani

On TikTok, Kat explained: unsurprisingly, it's all about safety.

"When you're walking on the airplane and you see our happy, smiling face, we're actually looking you up and down, and we are trying to find our ABPs," she explains.

What's an ABP?

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This stands for 'able-bodied person'. What good is it to identify an able-bodied person, you might ask?

Well, as Kat explains, these ABPs could be literal life-savers in the event of an emergency. She goes on to say that first responders make for excellent ABPs.

Who are some of the model ABPs they look for?

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Kat discloses some example ABPs that flight attendants are continually on the lookout for, including "military personnel, firefighters, nurses, [and] doctors."

She goes on to explain that, "In case of an emergency, like a medical emergency, or we are going to land the plan, or there's a security breach, we know who's on our plane, and who can help us."

There's more!

If you've suspected that a flight attendant's once-over was due to suspicion, you're bang on.

"We're also looking for one more thing," said Kat. "Besides...things that don't belong on the plane, like a boxful of liquids, we're looking for human trafficking."

Really? They're preventing human trafficking, too?

Twitter | @laird_kay

So, in addition to making sure the flight is as prepared as possible for any potential emergencies, flight attendants are also actively protecting against human trafficking.

That's quite heroic, and a vulnerable person being identified could make all the difference in that person's life. We're certainly lucky to have these individuals safeguarding the passengers of their flights from traffickers!

Phew, it's not just what we're wearing.

It's comforting to know that flight attendants aren't simply judging us on our comfy, sweatpants-themed plane attire but are actually being extra vigilant for a vital reason.

There you have it.

Instagram | @katkamalani

While most of us don't like being stared at, it's actually reassuring to know that flight attendants are so concerned with safety.

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