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15+ Barely Noticeable But Infuriating Problems

Our world is full of problems big and small. Small problems, by their very nature, aren't going to upend your life or anything like that. They're pretty easy to get over.

That said, a problem is still a problem, and small problems have a way of being irritating in relatively big ways.


Reddit | Cyrrain

When you see what the issue is with these billiard balls, you'll get it. All the numbers are there. They're totally functional. But there's an annoying aesthetic glitch.

Like, no.

Reddit | chicoooooooo

You don't have to be a firearm connoisseur to recognize the fact that, while pistols and revolvers are both handguns, this image does not show a revolver.

Here's looking at you.

Reddit | Finger_Gunnz

Have you noticed that this decal looks a little...well, derpy? That's probably because it was installed upside-down.

No fear.

Reddit | afronzen

People buy these fake birds to stop real birds from congregating in their space. Evidently those fake birds don't always work.

Technically correct.

Reddit | ohshizzit

This is a chocolate chip granola bar with one chocolate chip. I guess if you want one with more than one chip, you need to buy a chocolate chips granola bar.

Seems unnecessary.

Reddit | Carbohydrate838

This "world's smallest" monster truck has the world's largest plastic packaging relative to its size. C'mon, guys...couldn't you have used cardboard or something instead?

Nice job.

Reddit | DemonicBrew

Sure, the delivery person left this package in a theft-prone spot, but it isn't like there's a giant plaque there to warn — oh wait.

Instructions unclear.

Reddit | nownumbah5

You need to read this sign by color. Otherwise, the message doesn't bode well for the local blood bank.

Room with two views.

The whole side of this house is devoid of windows, apart from one room that's blessed with two. Who designed this?

It's some kind of utensil.

Reddit | professorstreets

Yes, it says 'spoons', but it clearly shows a fork. This is an absolute nightmare for people who are visual learners.

So very close.

Reddit | alskadeangel

It's easy to appreciate symmetry. It's also easy to notice when symmetry is almost there, but infuriatingly not quite there.

Shining beacon.

Reddit | Sparrowflyaway

This LED light helpfully lets the user know where it is...all the time. There's nothing like having blinding blue light on your bed when you're trying to sleep.

That's cheating!

Reddit | [deleted]

Have you ever tried and tried to solve a maze, only to find out that the only way to solve it was through cheating?

Poor design.

Reddit | NeafyWasTaken

The touch panel on this oven is located directly above where the steam comes out, which means it constantly gets messed up.

Born in the wrong year.

Reddit | valonnyc

I kind of love it when these web forms come with arbitrary rules that literally make it impossible to fill them out correctly.

Patio lighting.

There's nothing like moving into a place where a literal streetlight pierces through your balcony.

Hi Jeff.

Reddit | noahwerwer342

This is a beautiful view, despite Jeff's dumb graffiti. Still, Jeff, did you really have to etch your name there?

Less is less.

Reddit | masterjkh

These Klondike 'donuts' are basically regular Klondike bars, but smaller. And yes, of course they're sold for the same price.

So close.

This is almost a satisfying photo. The streetlights alternate perfectly. That is, of course, until you realize that they don't quite do it perfectly.

Hope you like paint on your tires.

Reddit | Tripleknockout

This road paint is fresh, but to get around the person who parked on the no parking side of the road, it'll be necessary to drive over the line.

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