Smart Potato Planter Comes With A Door To Collect Spuds Easily

Growing potatoes can be tricky, especially for those giving it a try for the first time. Fortunately, we’ve discovered these building plans for a wooden potato planter with a helpful door to help you have instant access to your adorable potatoes.

While these are only the building plans, they provide a great opportunity for all of our DIY buddies to make their own planter for any and all potato growing needs.

These plans make assembly a walk in the park.

The potato planter plans require minimal assembly and are beginner-friendly. With a detailed nine-page guide, everything that you’ll need is covered.

Building this planter will save a lot of money.

Oddity Mall

Pre-made potato planters can cost quite the pretty penny, and that's without having a handy door installed. All of the materials for this plan will only run you around $25 total, which seems like the bargain of a lifetime.

They’re a great size for growing potatoes.

These boxes are small enough for compact spaces but large enough to provide fully grown potatoes for everyone to enjoy. Measuring at 28 inches tall X 24 inches long X 24 inches wide, they are quickly assembled DIYs that will help you grace your garden with an abundance of taters.

They're available in various designs.

The Etsy seller HorizenDesignStudios has potato planter plans in several designs in case one doesn’t work for you. From a raised planter plan to a slightly bigger one with the handy dandy door, there’s something for everyone and their potatoes. Plans range from around $6-$7.

Let us know what you you think of these potato planter DIY plans in the comments and if you think you'll be using one to build a new home for your potatoes.