Quotes That Have Us Nodding Our Heads And Saying 'So True'

There are some things that are so universally true, that when we see it, we just can't help but nod our heads in agreement. Some people are our kindred spirits, and we don't even know them. That's why social media is such a magical place. We can find out "soulmates" through memes, quotes, and literally jokes. It's magic.

I don't answer calls when I'm scrolling. Or ever.

Instagram l @college.banter

Do people still call each other on the phone at all?

Sorry, I can't do anything while I'm in bed scrolling through my phone. Send me a text like a normal adult and stop trying to make it weird.

Honestly though!

Twitter l @babyyymika

Have you ever had those days where you literally feel like every single thing makes you mad, but to the point where you can't even figure out what triggered it, to begin with?

Same. My attitude sucks.

It's a solid answer to any question.

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Some questions don't deserve any verbal, spoken answers.

But, instead, just get the bird flipped directly at them. It's a simple yet powerful way to show that you're over it entirely.

It's a love-love relationship.

Instagram l @college.banter

Some food is just so good that I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with it.

I mean an invested relationship where I would go to the ends of the Earth for it. I know you know what I mean.