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Aldi Fans Turn Frozen Fruit Bags Into 'Adult Capri Suns' With Simple Hack

Summer is here and with it comes fruity cocktail season! Setting up patios and dusting off outdoor furniture, it's finally time to sit back, relax, and chat with friends over a refreshing beverage. But what to drink?

Gathering together to share food-related family moments, the dedicated shoppers of TheALDINerd Facebook group discovered a simple and fun cocktail hack: Adult Capri Suns!

They combined frozen fruit bags with Aldi's many-flavored wine.

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Made using their favorite blends of 32-ounce frozen fruit bags and Aldi's Pacific Fruit Vineyards wine, the fruity drinks were a hit.

With a playful nod to childhood, members of the Aldi fan club poured wine directly into the re-sealable frozen fruit bags.

"Adult juice boxes" are fun for all ages.

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Sticking a straw through the opening and sealing it back up, the inventive group created playful adult juice pouches; extra-large, and definitely not meant for children.

Sharing the drink with her 93-year-old grandma, Traci Brooks Thomas enjoys a refreshing summer drink inside with her family.

The perfect mix for a backyard cookout.

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Dumping an entire bottle of wine into each of their fruit bags, Melissa Mills and Mandy Allen immediately tried the hack for themselves, bringing the clever invention outside for a backyard cookout.

The bags provide extra fruity flavor without watering down the wine.

Credited with inventing the fruity hack, Tammy Hurt's daughter Emily Crittendon prefers mixing Aldi's coconut flavored wine with their bags of pineapple chunks.

Accustomed to chilling her drinks with frozen grapes, when Crittendon saw the giant fruit bags she knew she had struck gold.

What do you think, would you try it?

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Mixing and matching your favorite flavors (and even adding seltzers and other mix drinks if you so choose) the 'Adult Capri Sun' is a simple hack for fun summer drinking.

Would you give TheALDINerd's hack a whirl? What flavor would you choose? Tell us about it in the comments!