20 Times People Tried To Make Our Days A Little Brighter

A lot of people out there spend their days trying to leave little Easter eggs around the place to brighten up our occasionally monotonous days.

So, from individuals who faced truly harsh realities through their license plates to people who turned themselves into license plates, here are 18+ people who tried to make our days a little brighter!

"Yeah I don't think he likes the haircut..."

Now he looks remarkably like Edna 'E' Mode from The Incredibles. I bet he isn't a fan of capes.

"I cancelled a call mid-presentation bc my 9yo told me water was running all over the bathroom floor…"

Not only did this kid get you with a great dad joke, but they also got you out of a meeting! That's incredible work!

"A recreation of 'Saturn' by Rubens that my dog and I did. We do one every day, but this is one of my favorites."

Their dog has done a great job of capturing the agony of the original piece, they have a future in modelling it would appear!

"I mean, the kid isn't wrong."

They gave nicer alternative answers as well, so I don't really see what the problem is here?!

"The time my mom tried to make booties for our dog and ended up making her look like a hooker."

She looks kind of like a hooker who is about to go and absolutely smash the Eurovision Song Contest though!

"With such a tattoo, you would think he would have more brand loyalty than that."

I just cannot get over the jean shorts and socks in sandals combination, that is a strong aesthetic.

"Danish pedestrian sign..."

I guess that only vikings have the right to cross here, dainty little vikings at that though!

"I am the licence plate!"

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"


"Really? No idea whatsoever?"

"Everything wrong in a product..."

This is like a tension headache represented in a single product. I reckon this would give people at Comic Con a nervous breakdown.

"I haven't seen this before... Mildly communist vibes."

There is nothing "mild" about this whatsoever. I wonder if "The Internationale" starts to play when you drink it?

"Dairy Queen near me has this on their sign."

But, if she hasn't been showing up then how is she going to see this very well-placed warning?

"My bread is displeased."

I have never seen a sandwich so displeased at being eaten. Although, maybe it is displeased that it has sprinkles on it, for whatever reason?

"Wonder why..."

I wonder how many spousal fights they have had to break up in this store before they felt the need to erect this warning.

"'Quack Quack' — courtesy of my 7yo daughter who thought this was hilarious and wanted to share it with y'all."

I love this so much, and I cannot help but think that this "duck" looks strangely smug for some reason.

"Watch the ice cream just start screaming."

Does that mean it becomes Ice Scream?

Wow, that was a new low...apologies.

"Shortage of workers is hitting everywhere."

And yet they still never got back to me about my application, I guess that they need to be a bit more desperate!

"This free dishwasher with a very honest sign attached to it."

That is some incredibly honest advertising! I feel like I could have the same description as my Tinder bio as well.

*Lays On Horn*

I don't think that there has ever been a time in my life when I wouldn't rather be watching that cinematic masterpiece!

"Someone's tent went flying like 100 feet in the air..."

"I guess that I really should have nailed that tent down, eh?"

"Dave, where's the baby?"

"Oh God..."

"Got my new license plate in the mail today."

I was quite impressed with their acceptance of their situation, until they added, "I'm not at acceptance. [E]very day is a living nightmare."