Quotes For People Who Only Care About The Size Of Their Glass

There are two types of people in this world: those who love to drink and those who need a reason to drink. For some of us, we need absolutely no reason to get ourselves a cocktail.

It doesn't need to be a special occasion or anything, when we get home, we're ready to go. Others, however, want to "celebrate" and drink.

It doesn't count, just pour it up.

Some people feel they need to have a special occasion to have a cocktail or a drink, but others know that when we want one, we are going right there to grab one.

Happy birthday to me, again, clearly.

It's called working out.

We plan to do one thing, like get our bodies in shape and our mind right, but instead we end up at the liquor store again buying another bottle of rosé.

Who needs the treadmill when I have my glasses to lift?

I mean, it's not incorrect.

When I'm happy? Drink. When I'm stressed? Drink. When I'm sad? Drink. When I'm lonely? Drink. When I'm fulfilled? Drink. When I'm angry? Drink. When I'm excited? Drink.

For any time, anywhere, any day? Drink. Of course!

You're welcome.

For those who are looking for a sign, a reason, or an opportunity to have a cold one this evening, here is your sign.

We know that not everyone will crack open a cold one just because. So, here is your "reason" to have one. Cheers!

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