17+ Pet Owners Who Walked In On Surprises

Pets love to surprise their owners in any way that they possibly can, sometimes even in ways that are somewhat out of their control!

So, from people who ended up with accidental alpacas to individuals who incurred the wrath of the wrong cat, here are 17+ pet owners who walked in on surprises.

"Rookie groomer turned him into an alpaca..."

I don't know if they are a "rookie"! This looks like the work of a maser dog groomer!

"Yeah I don't think he likes the haircut."

I think that he looks rather dashing! It was a look clearly inspired by Anna Wintour which is...good?

Sharing The Burden!

I cannot tell whether this was done in solidarity or if the cat just wanted more attention than her owner?

"The time my mom tried to make booties for our dog and ended up making her look like a hooker."

That is one hell of a strong look, I think that it might have been inspired by Italy's 2021 Eurovision winners' outfits.

"My friend is a pet groomer and had a very angry customer."

That cat looks like it is going to be exacting its revenge on its owner at the first possible opportunity. I'd be very wary.

Does Her Owner Know This Is Where She Spends Her Days?

The person who posted this explained, "This is Molle. Molle likes to watch people come and go from a busy supermarket. Molle likes to be pet so you can pet Molle. Please don't feed Molle. Molle lives next door."

"My daughter moved his stairs and forgot to put them back. He was not amused."

That is a face that screams, "You put these stairs back immediately or I will defecate everywhere!"

"My pet snake loves a challenge!"

God loves a trier! They made a pretty solid go at squeezing into that jar as well in fairness!

"My cat ripped a hole through the window screen so she could go outside."

"There was no way in or out so I made one!"

"That was kind of intentional, Mittens."

Eugene The Liar!

The individual who posted this wrote, "And then there's Eugene. He'll look you straight in the eye and tell you he has no idea who ate all the dog treats or where I can find the lid of the container."

"My best friends..too bad they can't stand each other."

Real life isn't always like a Disney film. Sadly, some animals just bloody hate one another and there is nothing that you can do about it!

"Cat got your gloves?"

Looks like Esme has quite the thing for gloves! I wonder what could have brought that particular obsession about?

"My friend went to a drive-through petting zoo the other day."

If you open your car window near a friendly zebra then what else can you really expect to happen?

"Look at their little heart!"

For a cat that has a little heart on is chest, it looks incredibly, incredibly angry at the world around it!

"Pet shaming has gone too far!"

Look at that face, he knows exactly what he has been up to! There is not a shred of remorse there!

"He peed on the floor and tried to clean it up himself..."

This is a better effort than my dog would have managed, and he looks so pleased with himself!

"It's okay for you, your guests, and your dog to defecate in the elevator as long as you clean it up."

If you're bringing guests around who do this kind of thing then you really need to reevaluate your social circle!

"My neighbor is a flight attendant. He just posted this photo of someone's 'therapy pet,' on his flight."

And I thought that a crying baby was the most stressful thing to have on a flight with you!

"When you love the smell of bacon but get a little too close to the frying pan on the stove..."

I feel like this cat is thinking, "Just pretend that nothing is wrong, they'll never know what you've been up to!"

"My dog fixed the blinds for her viewing pleasure..."

"I just thought that this was a bit of a better look."

"I strongly disagree..."