17+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘You’re A Fake’

It can seem like nothing is real nowadays what with people relying so heavily on photoshopping and stealing other people's ideas.

So, from people who tried to fake a fry-up to individuals who weren't exactly subtle with their stolen pizzeria name, here are 17+ moments that made us go, "You're a fake."

"Well that's something new..."

Something tells me that the cup of coffee and croissants aren't real either, just call it intuition!

"Ahh yes, the beloved Disney classic Simba The King Lion."

Someone added that the Danish reads, "When the old King Lion is shot, the battle for power in the Jungle begins." Love a good lion shootout in a movie!

Why Does This Shirt Exist?

I don't understand why this is a thing, and I've been trying to work out the thought process behind this for far too long now.

"Are beagles known for not casting shadows?"

Fun fact, Liam and Noel Gallagher actually wrote "Cast No Shadow" about their pet beagle from their childhood.

"Penesamig vs Panasonic..."

I also love how it looks weirdly bumpy. Nothing like a knobbled battery to keep your remotes charged!

"This lipstick I just got..."

I personally do not want anything that involves the word "secrete" anywhere near my face.

"First time I've ever seen someone photoshop their fridge."

I bet if you remove that poor edit then it would just be some takeaway leftovers, a carton of off milk, and maybe some cheese like a normal person's fridge.

"Fancy a Romino's tonight?"

I mean, only changing one single letter is a bit of a cop-out. At least make an effort at stealing someone's brand!

That Doorframe Doesn't Seem Structurally Sound!

I wouldn't be getting in that elevator. There's nothing quite as unsafe as a bendy elevator that's for sure!

"Spongebob and Patrick after inhaling glue..."

And fortunately for you, these two technicolor monstrosities will be featuring in your nightmares this very evening!

"I thought people had more sense than to believe this is real, but she popped up on my feed because friends of mine shared images like this as 'goals'."

This is just dangerous to promote this kind of thing. You'd have a better chance of looking like that artificial hand from Germany's 2021 Eurovision song contest entry than this.

"My, such a long leg she has."

I cannot work out whether this is some really weird photoshopping on behalf of the photographer or just a really weirdly taken picture?

"Ever since I found out influencers don't actually use mirrors but just another camera when taking 'mirror' selfies, my life has not known peace."

I feel like my whole life has been a lie. Well...not a whole lie but presumably a bit of a lie!

"I think I'll stick to Nutella."

Yeah I really don't think that they did enough market research before deciding on this product name.

"May have forgotten one part..."

Surely standing anywhere near a reflective surface when you're going to be photoshopping is just asking for trouble?!

"Need new insoles? Have extra carpet? Voila!"

I'd rather buy a new pair of slippers than have to go out and buy a new roll of carpet if I'm being honest.

"Waist like Barbie, left arm of a GI Joe."

I know that if I ever tried to edit my own photos that I would end up doing something like this, leaving myself with a giant elbow.

"She spent $7 on an ice cream cone for an Instagram picture then threw it away. Sherbet and sprinkles don't mix."

They should have made her get that out of the trash and eat it right there and then!

"Whitest teeth in the west!"

I've heard that you cannot look directly at this man's teeth, otherwise you could risk going blind.

"He forgot to open up the bag on the far left! Carrying around a bunch of empty bags pretending like he's a baller!"

There is something quite sad about this, and it's only made worse by the fact that his trainers kind of look like kids' shoes, or is that just me?

"Fake Dairy Queen, Dairy King."

I mean, if no one else has taken the name Dairy King, it just kind of makes sense to go for it, right?

"Mm just what I want in my mouth."

Reddit | SadSaltShaker55

You know, if they'd just called it Red Ball it would be funny, but not gross.

But Red Balls? No thanks.

"I'm calling emergency services. This injury is serious."

Reddit | zznnd

I'm deeply, deeply disturbed by this.

looks like bad video game clipping, only this is (apparently) real life.

"Nike? Nahhh knie."

Reddit | BasedNour

My favorite off-brands are the ones that barely even try to replicate the thing they're ripping off.

"Presenting you the “New” Disneyland. Location: Chennai, India."

Reddit | aswinjhingade

It's always a big deal when a new Disneyland opens.

But I guess Disneyland Chennai just doesn't get the same hype as Tokyo Disneyworld.

"I was on a trip to Mexico to visit family and-"

Something about this tells me that Disney didn't sign off before someone painted Woody's likeness on the side of this random building.

"Burger Friends: Friends Have It Their Way."

I like how they made an effort to replicate the Burger King logo, then totally mailed it in with the larger lettering.

"She’s been hit by, she’s been struck by, a smooth (hand) criminal."

Reddit | louisvillejg

Her hand kind of looks like what happens when a clay sculpture gets knocked over and becomes all smushed up.

"Hogo Boos."

Reddit | skyhoop

If you're buying The Scent from Hugo Boss, you know it's a quality product.

When you buy The Scent from Hogo Boos, it could be anything.

"Oh god Thomas what did they do to you."

Reddit | FastAdam07

I guess now we know what would happen if Thomas the Tank Engine and a horrifying anthropomorphized mouse decided to have a baby.