Bride Asks If She's Wrong For Kicking Sister Out Of Her Wedding After Her Nephew Cried During Ceremony

Weddings can be just as fun and unique as the couple tying the knot! There are traditions of course, but so much of the ceremony and reception is up to the couple to plan! One of the most controversial wedding subjects is deciding whether or not to have children at the wedding.

Whichever you chose is fine, so long as you don't decide on the day of...

A bride on Reddit is curious to see if she was in the wrong after asking her sister to leave her wedding after her son (the bride's nephew) cried during the ceremony.

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Writing under the handle r/Adorinina, the bride explained that her ideal wedding ceremony and reception would be child-free.

"I like kids, just not at my wedding," she wrote.

I think that's totally fair!

The bride went on to say that "most people were fine" with her request, and the wedding was announced a year in advance so people could find sitters.

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However, she quickly became frustrated when she learned her sister, who was also one of her bridesmaids, couldn't find child care for her 2- and 5-year-old boys. "She asked for them to be allowed at the wedding," the bride explained.

"I felt pressured, but she begged for them to come. I told her as long as they behaved and her husband kept an eye on them."

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However, things did not go according to plan as her sister's two-year-old son started fussing during the most important part of the ceremony.

"My husband and I wrote our own, and about halfway through mine, he begins to cry and fuss," wrote r/Adorinina. Her brother-in-law grabbed his son and "very awkwardly made his way out."

"I had to restart my vows twice due to the disruption, and I was already so nervous," she added. And because the venue was outside, she said they could hear her nephew "fussing for a while."

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After the ceremony, the bride was upset that her sister "didn't even say anything, no apology, nada. After the first dances, she finally came up and was like, 'Haha, sorry about [nephew], it was nap time! He's settled now.'"

Unsatisfied with her sister's explanation, the bride became fraustrated. "It was such a non-apology, and I was so upset."

"She said she was sorry again, but I was blowing things out of proportion and how it wasn't as big of a disruption as I was making it out to be," recalled r/Adorinina.

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"I was just boiling at this point and asked her to please go, I didn't want her there anymore."

The bride concluded by saying her family hasn't spoken to her since the big day. What do you make of the situation? Let us know in the comments below!

h/t: Reddit