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A Woman Got Back At Her Ex By Hiring A Fake Groom For A Wedding Shoot

If you ever want to feel better about how you acted during a breakup, TikTok is the place for you.

#BreakupTikTok has become one of the latest viral trends. Here, users have been sharing the craziest thing they did after a breakup while Stephen Kramer Glickman's "Crazy" plays.

These stories are insane. Case in point: this one woman who faked her own wedding!

A breakup usually entails one of three things: pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, heaps of wine, and behavior that anyone would rather soon forget.

While most of us keep these "crazy" post-breakup stories to ourselves, some brave TikTokers have been sharing their stories on the app.

Take user, @bayangqueen, for example.

She shared that she went a little crazy when her ex was acting suspicious before going to hang with the boys.

When she told him she was going home, she actually hid under the sink to see if he brought a girl over...

@mrstudelx who paid someone from Craigslist to punch her cheating ex in the face.

@khyladiamond got revenge on her cheating ex in a different way: she faked a whole pregnancy! "Told him I put her up for adoption... He still be looking for her til this day," she wrote.

But none have gone to quite the extent as Sarah Vilard.

She's a 24-year-old student from Germany who used the trend to share how she once got back at her ex-boyfriend by hiring a fake groom for a wedding shoot.

That is INSANE. writes down idea.

"Yup I'm crazy," she captioned the video, which currently has over 2.5 million views.

She gave the people what they wanted by sharing photographic proof of her crazy escapades.

She even got her best friend in the action by posing with her at what looks like a wedding venue.

Naturally, people had a lot to say about her video.

"I like your commitment to crazy," one wrote. "This level of dedication is either completely psychotic or absolutely genius," added another.

Others pointed how real it looked. "Imagine if the guy ended up catching feelings for you after that."

People were *really* curious about her ex's reaction to her "wedding."

Sarah delivered on that, telling Jam Press that her idea to get her ex's attention worked.

"He found out through Instagram and texted me the next day and freaked out because he thought I was cheating on him while we were together," she said.

"That, of course, wasn't the case," she said. "But he came to my house and wanted to talk to me afterward. I wasn't interested."

In a follow-up video, she also shared screenshots of his reaction.

He was not happy with her getting "married" three months after their breakup.


"LMAO you definitely won that war. Good job Queen. He was HEATED," added another with a crown and laughing emoji.

Some got some ideas from the video: "I just KNOW you felt victory after this. pls tell me not to do this cause i'm crazy too," this user wrote.

People were also curious about why they broke up:

"He clearly cared but I wanna know why y'all broke up tho because in the messages he states that YOU didn't want to get engaged."

Some, however, believed that Sarah had taken things too far.

"I think people think I'm crazy," Vilard told Jam Press.

Sarah shared that she later scrubbed her ex's presence of social media, as well as the photoshoot.

"I blocked him everywhere and set my profile to private and removed the pictures," she told Jam Press.

These days, Sarah is single. "I'm happy to be able to focus on myself," she said.

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