Viral Video Shows The Reality Of Taking Pictures Of Your First Born Vs. Your Third

Ask any parent of more than one child, it's easy to slip up on documenting special memories of your second or third. It's fair to say there's an ongoing joke amongst many parents that the first child is well documented because well, they're the first born. After that, it's kind of been there, done that.

Now, a mom is going viral on TikTok for her hilarious depiction of this reality.

While being a parent of three is undoubtedly filled with ups and downs, there are also many brilliant comedic moments that can help you to go viral.

Unsplash | Larry Crayton

This is exactly what happened to a Canadian mom of three recently.

TikTok user Nicole Oliver recently got candid about what it's really like being a mom of 3, and how hard it is to capture *so* many memories.

Unsplash | Vitolda Klein

And if you can't relate to this, you have my utmost respect.

in a skit depicting each of her three children asking her to see baby photos, the amount of pictures hilariously decreases.

The first child is presented with boxes of photos and memories so large it takes up most of the screen.

The second child is given a small photo album and finally, the third child is just handed an iPhone.

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