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People Can Make Pupsicles For Their Dogs On Those Hot Summer Days

Dog lovers, rejoice!

You can now make your doggo their very own "pupsicle" this summer! It's the perfect treat to help them cool off on the dog days of summer.

Thanks to one viral TikTok video, you'll find that it's easy to make and made with healthy, delicious ingredients. Now Fido never has to miss out again!

You'll find the easy-to-make recipe in this viral video by TikTok user, @ashleyedmonds165.

It starts with her showing her ADORABLE dog, Cash.

Since it's hot outside, he asks with those sweet puppy dog eyes for a frozen treat.

How could she resist?

To make it, all you need is 1 cup plain yogurt, three tablespoons of peanut butter, one banana sliced, and dried chicken.

Mix the yogurt, peanut butter, and banana together in a blender, and then pour the mixture into shot glasses (or some other small container).

Stick the dried chicken in the middle to act as a popsicle stick and that's it!

Just pop in the freezer and wait until frozen.

As we saw from Cash, he licked his lips and ate it right up! Such a good boi.

People are obsessed.

"I would honestly eat those," wrote one user. Same, girl. "Aww so cute and he was patient too," added another.

Some had other great pupsicle ideas, such as mixing seedless watermelon with plain yogurt!

Will you be making this dog pupsicle recipe for your dog? Let us know or share your own recipe below!

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