20 People Who Pointed Out Obvious Mistakes

Mistakes can come in all manner of sizes, large, small, cacophonously large...the list goes on! However, I'm here to show off some of the more subtle mistakes that this planet has to offer.

So, from people with deceptively dangerous ladders to individuals who had their soul sucked right out of their body, here are 17+ moments that made us go, "Something is wrong here."

"Here boss, I grabbed you the right size ladder."

This one is quite difficult to look at, I feel like he is somehow going to manage to fall through my computer screen.

"This football doesn't like kids!"

They really should have gone the extra distance in connecting those two d's up! What a mistake!

"The bridge is ready to serve the people!"

How on Earth did they manage to let this job get this far along before realising what was wrong?!

"I doubt it would be very efficient."

"So, do the kids use the mop, or do you attach the kids to the mop itself?"

"That's at your own discretion..."

"Green butter!"

Of all of the tricks that I have seen by which people have tried to get their kids to eat their greens, this is one of the most bizarre!

The Perfect Cake...

I am sure that I am not the only person who hopes that Slash EverHeart enjoyed this lovely cake!

"I was having a good day until I went to the supermarket."

"I think that the underpants are trying to tell me something..."

"Underpants been talking to you, eh? Been there, that's a weird place to be."

"Be Playful At The Noo!"

If you're going to start writing words on their side then you really need to commit to it!

"Fixed the McSign boss!"

Who needs Pokemon cards when you can have Emo cards?! I bet it's just various members of My Chemical Romance in different poses.

"This Elsa backpack has a mask on it so you can wear it... but if it's on the backpack, Elsa looks dead on the inside."

It looks like Elsa has been on one hell of a night out...a night out that resulted in her soul being forcibly sucked from her body.

Wait, What?

They only needed to know how to correctly spell one single word for this job, and they managed to mess it up.

"Toilet seat makes it looks like someone didn't quite make it."

"I want to give my bathroom that whole, 'I couldn't hold it' aesthetic!"

"Say no more."

"Work anniversary gift arrived."

Well, they aren't wrong, words definitely did go there! I just hope that they were the right ones!

All Done, Now Pay Up!

I feel like the person who installed this fence got most of their experience from simply playing The Sims.

"Look at it very carefully."

One person did vouch for this company adding, "As a Canadian, I can verify we shop for our comptuers exclusively here. It's great! Their Blaque Frieday deals are always solid."

"Knife broke where it says 'Flexible.'"

Well, it clearly isn't that flexible then. Although, at least you have two knives now...sort of.

"A local diner that advertises being open 24 hours while also listing the hours they are not open 24 hours."

They are open 24 hours, they're just not open for 24 hours every single day. It's all about dividing up those 24 hours into manageable chunks!

"How do you like your windows?"

What kind of abstract artist installed these damned windows? Christ, it hurts to look at it!

"I wouldn't mess with this mosquito."

This is one hell of a flex on behalf of this mosquito. I've never seen a sado masochistic mosquito before.


Maybe this was done by the same Canadian as the person who made the "Canada Comptuers" sign?