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Ashley Graham Shares Nude Pic Showing Off Stretch Marks

Supermodel Ashley Graham recently announced she and her photographer hubby Justin Ervin are expecting their first child together! Needless to say, we couldn't be happier for the pair!

Ashley shared the news on her Instagram page to celebrate the couple's nine year wedding anniversary.

"Today, we are feeling so blessed, grateful and excited to celebrate with our GROWING FAMILY!"

Justin shared this sweet pic and wrote, "Now that we’ve made a life together, let’s make a life together. I love you and I love us. All of us."

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I'm FULLY crying right now!

Their baby is going to be absolutely stunning and most likely a great model OR photographer.

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Now, Ashley is known for being a total warrior of the body positive movement, fearlessly leading the way for curve models everywhere.

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And pregnancy only seems to be helping her love her body more!

"I hate the word 'real woman' and I hate the word 'plus size,'" she told E! News back in 2016.

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"If you're telling women like me that we're real women because of our size, then how do women like you feel? I don't want any woman to feel like they aren't a real woman. "

"I talk to my cellulite, I talk to my thick thighs," she continued.

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"This is how you get over the fear of being half-naked in front of people, but also how you get out of this insecurity that you've created... But I will always talk to my cellulite and I'll be like, 'You are beautiful, cellulite. You are lovely. You are a part of me.'"

As you can see— Ashley has never been afraid to show a little skin, and pregnancy hasn't changed that at all.

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If anything, it appears it's given her more confidence!

Yasss queen!

"Naps are a new non-negotiable" she wrote and posted this adorable video of her napping in a bikini.

This is fully what I look like napping and I am without child.

Ashley also posted this pic to her Instagram, writing "same same but a little different."

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The pic features a pregnant Ashley's stomach rolls and stretch marks, AKA a totally normal, beautiful pregnant body.

People have been absolutely loving Ashley's pic.

"Beautiful then & beautiful now... beautiful later," Adrienne Bailon wrote.

Women (also me) praised Ashley for keeping it real.

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"This made me tear up," one woman wrote, "I really needed this today."

Of course, some people just couldn't understand why Ashley shared the pic on her social media.

"Why is it such a good idea to make young girls think they need to be naked on IG to feel pretty and worthy? Come on..." one user wrote.

Some people were truly out here missing the point like, SO hard.

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I love when people are ignorant bullies to innocent pregnant women!

What a cute look for you, @_designerspaces! Really professional!

Ashley's message is that it's so important to love yourself and your body in every stage of life.

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Especially during pregnancy, when a woman's body goes through soo many changes!

We love Ashley for always keeping it real and showing the realities of her pregnancy body.

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Women? Superheros!