Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bulging Bicep Is The Only Thing On People's Minds Right Now

Arnold Schwarzenegger is always selling tickets to the Gun Show — even when he's not meaning to!

In a recent photo shared on Instagram, people are less focused on his "spoiled" donkey Lulu trying to steal his drink and more focused on his ripped bicep!

You have to see these hilarious reactions for yourself, including the ones from his own children!

Let's not beat around the bush here: Arnold is one of the fittest 73-year-olds on the planet right now.

We know it, the person next door knows it, and Arnold definitely knows it.

This is why many are hilariously accusing him of a "subtle flex" in his latest Instagram post.

Check out the evidence for yourself:

Given the obviousness of the flex, the comments practically wrote themselves.

"Flexing??" wrote his son, Patrick. "I see this gentle/subtle flex," added his daughter, Katherine with a party emoji. We wonder what husband, Chris Pratt, thinks of the flex!

Fans also joined in on the fun.

They pointed out how the 73-year-old actor and former weightlifting champion still has it.

"That peak has remained loyal after all these years," wrote one fan. "Still got that arm pose," added another.

"THAT BICEPS," added another with heart-eyes emoji.

One added a goat emoji, which is a reminder that Arnold is the Greatest of All Time when it comes to fitness.

We're pretty sure the only person who doesn't care about Arnold's impressive biceps is Lulu. And that's only because she's more interested in his drink!