Robert De Niro Injures Himself On Location Weeks After Lawyer Claims He's Being 'Forced To Work'

Actor and Hollywood heavy-weight Robert De Niro has injured himself on the set of his new film, Killers of the Flower Moon, as reported by TMZ.

This report comes just weeks after the 77-year-old's lawyer claimed the actor was being "forced to work" to pay for his ex-wife's lavish lifestyle. As fans may recall, the actor has been entangled in a messy divorce since 2018.

Fans were concerned to hear Robert De Niro had to head home after suffering a leg injury while working on Martin Scorsese's highly-anticipated film project alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sources close to the actor told TMZ that the 77-year-old hurt his leg while on location of Killers of the Flower Moon in Oklahoma.

He boarded a flight late Thursday for his home in New York City and planned to see a doctor Friday.

The news outlet reported that Robert's injury happened while on location, but not while he was on set.

TMZ also reports that Robert had filmed all the scenes they needed for the time being, so the film will not experience any delays.

On Friday, Robert's PR team gave a statement to fans.

"While at his on-location home in Oklahoma for the filming of Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon, Robert De Niro injured his quadriceps muscle which will be treated medically in New York," the statement read.

The statement concluded: "This will not affect production as he was not scheduled to film again for another three weeks."

The nonfiction book which the movie is based on, "Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI" by David Grann, tells the story of a series of murders that took place Oklahoma during the 1920s.

The news of Robert's injury comes just weeks after Robert's lawyer claimed the actor was being "forced to work" to pay for his ex-wife Grace Hightower's lavish lifestyle.

Insider reported that during the couple's virtual divorce hearing last month, Robert's attorney, Caroline Krauss, told a New York judge that the actor is struggling with his workload.

"Mr. De Niro is 77 years old, and while he loves his craft, he should not be forced to work at this prodigious pace because he has to," Caroline said.

"When does that stop? When does he get the opportunity to not take every project that comes along and not work six-day weeks, 12-hour days so he can keep pace with Ms. Hightower's thirst for Stella McCartney?"

Earlier this year, a judge ruled that Grace would receive $1 million per year in the divorce settlement.

Grace's legal team claims Robert is worth $500 million, but his lawyer has argued that the pandemic has left the actor in a difficult financial position.

However, Grace's lawyer, Kevin McDonough, claims that since the pair filed for divorce, the actor has been unfairly decreasing his payments to his estranged wife.

Vanity Fair reported that Robert has lowered his ex-wife's monthly credit card limit from $375,000 to $100,000 as of January 2021.

Kevin went on to argue that his client is owed payments to "maintain the status quo" lifestyle she enjoyed when they were married.

However, Robert's legal team countered that Grace has been going through money at a rapid pace, going so far as to claim she spent $1.67 million in 2019 alone, which allegedly included buying a diamond worth over one million dollars.

The actor's lawyer went on to explain that in addition to demands Grace is making, Robert is also currently millions of dollars behind on his taxes, and that money from his next two film projects will have to go toward paying off that debt.

Despite this, Grace's lawyer insisted that "there have been no cutbacks and no slowdowns in Mr. De Niro’s lifestyle whatsoever... When Mr. De Niro goes to brunch Sunday in Connecticut, he charters a helicopter up there. When he flies down to see his friends in Florida or wherever else, it’s a private jet."

It's clear the actor has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon, and we're wishing Robert a speedy recovery!

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