Kristen Bell Taught Her Kids A Valuable Lesson About Hatred

Brothers and sisters fight, it's just a fact of nature. But sometimes these sibling squabbles can turn from a healthy familial rivalry into the main event at WWE Smackdown.

This is a fact that beloved actress Kristen Bell understands all too well. Recently, Kristen had an incredible opportunity to teach her kids a valuable lesson about hatred.

Kristen is the first to admit that her daughters aren't perfect. Like most siblings, they tend to argue — a lot.

Kristen tried to explain their behavior in a recent Instagram post by saying:

"Maybe it's because they are close in age, and the hierarchy of care isn't clear. Maybe it's because they are both little alphas. Who knows."

Whatever the reason may be, the truth of the matter is that sometimes they can be downright nasty!

Their sibling rivalry is what motivated Kristen to have a heart-to-heart with her girls. Kristen explained that,

"We can spend our time on hate and fear(revenge, grudges, gossip, etc) or we can spend our time on love and kindness[sic](nurturing, smiling, showing thankfulness)."

A few hours later, Kristen found her girls sitting at the table with one another.

Kristen was shocked at the behavioral 180.

As she approached her daughters, Kristen discovered that the two sisters were writing letters to one another, using incredibly profuse love language.

"Look mama, how we are choosing to spend our time!" the young girls happily proclaimed.

Kristen admits that she's fully aware that this newfound state of sibling bliss isn't permanent, and that her girls would likely be screaming and swearing at one another come tomorrow.

But that at least for today, she was satisfied.