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Parents Slammed In Viral Video For 'Stroller Tent' To Shop With Their Baby

Parents will agree that grocery shopping with children is no easy task.

There are temper tantrums in the cookie aisle and children sneaking in items that weren't on the list. When it comes to babies, there is also the difficult task of keeping them entertained.

When these following parents thought they had solved this problem with their "stroller" tent, the internet soon let them know they hadn't.

TikTok has become *the* place to share brilliant life hacks.

In the past, we've seen (and taken note of) everything from beauty hacks to cooking hacks to general life hacks that make life so much dang easier.

Like this sticker hack you won't believe you didn't know.

Instead of leaving bits of sticker, this hack removes them clean off.

Using this technique by TikTok user @lexie_byers, you simply add tape to the sticker on an item and pull.

Another life-changing hack is this chicken wing one that helps you get maximum chicken wing meat.

More seriously speaking, there are hacks for even parents to take note of.

Since parents are always looking for ways to make their lives easier, there are also plenty of parenting hacks on the video-sharing app.

One of the most recent viral ones is this "stroller tent" that allows parents to shop in peace with their baby.

Sounds great, but the internet isn't entirely convinced.

Because you know, the internet always has a problem with something.

The video, posted by the @livenfamily, starts with them writing, "everyone always asks where we got our son's stroller."

They then share that they got it from Japan before launching into all of its innovative features. This includes vents so you can place a blanket on top safely.

"He has toys, Disney plus, and even snacks," they wrote in a caption. The video showed their son lying down and watching a Disney movie.

"Now we are ready to shop," they continued, adding the four words every parent wants to hear: "He is sound asleep."

When the video quickly went viral, it did so for the wrong reasons.

Instead of applauding the parents for their innovative stroller, some TikTok users wrote that it was "lazy." Many also criticized their son's tablet watching.

"Or you could let him watch the world around him and interact with him… helping his growth and development," one user commented.

People definitely had opinions. And it was a lot to take in.

"As an educator, don't do this too often…" another weighed in.

"Best to engage and teach the kid things while shopping… this is just a bit lazy." they continued.

Some were concerned about the blanket over top.

"He can't breathe if the holes are covered with that blanket," one user commented.

"Well he can't breathe when a blanket is covering the 'air vents,'" another wrote.

Some also believed that their son should be able to see his surroundings and not be hidden away under the stroller tent.

"Why not let him see his surroundings which helps with development. T.V can slow a baby's development," one user commented.

With a lot of negative comments to ward off, the Liven family thankfully had some people defending them.

The blanket overtop, in particular, drew a defense.

"For the ones complaining of the blanket y'all never put one over the car seat any time in their life or you the perfect parent?" one write with an eye roll emoji.

"The blanket is not air tight he won't suffocate it's like a Fort y'all need to chill out," added another.

Others defended the parents' use of the tablet.

"I'm so shocked at the amount of ppl worried about him on the tablet," this user wrote with a laughing face emoji. "Like love you realize the whole world is transitioning to eletronics."

A lot of the positive comments were from those who want to buy the stroller ASAP.

These comments ranged from "how do I order one please" to people wishing they were a baby again so they could be pushed around in it. SAME.

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