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Women Are Sharing The Most Annoying 'Mansplaining' Moments In Their Lives

If you've never been mansplained before, consider yourself lucky.

It's when a man explains something to a woman with the ignorant belief that women have no knowledge of the subject.

No topic is off-limits in the vast area of their so-called "expertise," including childbirth!

Just try not to roll your eyes at these 10+ stories from women who were mansplained.

1. The pillow guy

TikToker Victoria Gravesande got mansplaining stories kicked off on TikTok when she asked users to share their own stories.

Since then, her video has 660K views and plenty of replies. She started things off with her examples.

This began with an ex-boyfriend explaining to her what a pillow is used for. We wish we were joking.

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Then, when she was at a poetry reading, she had a man come up to her and explain what the title of her collection meant.

2. The delivery guy

"I once had a man break down exactly how much pain women feel during childbirth after I told him I had delivered two nine-pound babies, without an epidural. Like, sir, I did not stress test my taint just to have an illiterate argue with me about it." - TikToker @nottheworstmom

3. The biology guy


This TikToker had a man tell her that women don't fart. We don't know what kind of sunshine and butterfly world he's living in, but he believes that it's biologically impossible.

With that, there's only one thing left to do: fart on him.

4. The micromanager

"Two years into a job, my boss would still try to explain very basic tasks to me that I'd already been doing without any issues. It never mattered if I told him I knew how to do it already or even if it was something I was already working on, he couldn't stop until he finished his little speech." - WxnderingChaos

5. The linguistic guy

The audacity of this next mansplainer is too much. One TikTok user had a man mansplain how to pronounce her name.

"And he just kept going and going as if I needed to get through my tiny woman brain that I was pronouncing my own name wrong for 22 years of my life."

6. The know-it-all guy

"I studied audio-visual communications for four years and I hold a master's degree in film directing. Once I was taking a camera operator course and a guy who had never picked up a camera in his life tried to explain everything about how to use it to me. To make matters worse, he grabbed my personal camera that I had brought with me and detached the lens incorrectly and damaged it." - Operadora Furiosa

7. The personal trainer

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Men like this next one are the reason women-only gyms exist.

This TikTok user explained that they were working out when a man asked if he could spot her while she was doing squats. Despite politiely declining, he proceeded to mansplain the mechanics of a squat.

He took it upon himself to show her where to put the bar on her back, how her feet should be positioned, and how she should breathe.

"I finally had to interject and let him know that 1) I was a personal trainer, 2) [I] was a competitive powerlifter and 3) had a national-level powerlifting coach."

8. The dentist guy


"I just had I a man tell me what teeth are. He told they stay in the mouth and they help crush up food right after he swallowed his filling and/or whole tooth he wasn't completely sure which one was which." - TikToker @dragontounge212

9. The mansplainer of all mansplainers

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This one is totally meta.

When a man didn't know what mansplaining was, this TikTok user filled him in. That quick lesson was enough to give him the superior knowledge to then explain mansplaining to her.

10. The period guy

"My Period. I have a period and every other month it hurts and this dude was "do you even know how periods work?". I had a period for 15 years, I think I have a good idea." - TikToker littlepixiegirlx

11. The "feminist" guy

We are all for men being feminist, but this man should not represent that population.

According to this TikToker, this guy interrupted her when she was talking about women's issues and then proceeded to mansplain womanhood to her.

12. The college guy


"I'm a student and one time one of those know-it-all guys, who studies biology, tried to explain sexual assault laws to me, insisting that it's part of civil law, which he claimed to know because his 'mother is a lawyer.' I patiently explained that sexual assault crimes are part of criminal law, which I know because I'm a law student." - Freedom

13. The angry father

Unfortunately, some of these mansplainers are people's own brothers, husbands, and fathers.

That was the case for this TikToker whose dad tried to insist that it was a different date and refused to trust her. "When I pulled out my phone and showed him he got really mad."

14. The salsa guy

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"So, a man took me to get tacos. I'm eating the chips before we get our meal and he's like, 'Do you like the salsa?' and I'm like, 'Yeah I do, it's good.' And he's like, 'Do you know that if you like the salsa you can actually also put that on your tacos?' And I was like... 'Yeah, I'm aware how salsa works.'" - TikToker chefshalo

15. The potential father-in-law

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You thought your potential father-in-law was bad? Just wait until you read this story.

"One time my boyfriend's dad tried to explain to me how the spacing of studs worked in a wall... I'm a CARPENTER!"

16. The group of mansplainers

"My mother is an agriculture and livestock technician and we have a grove of trees at home. I'm exhausted by men (my own father included) who insist on explaining to her how to prune, irrigate, and grow her own trees. First it was our neighbor (a former police officer), but most recently it was a plumber who was paying a visit to our house." - GatoAzul

17. The world traveler guy

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"A customer in the store I work at told me that he had been on a round trip of Europe and I asked him where he went, and he said he went to Copenhagen and so I said, 'Oh that's cool, you went to Denmark.' He said, 'No, I said I went to Copenhagen.' I said, 'Yeah, I heard that, but Copenhagen is in Denmark.' And he tried to explain to me that Copenhagen and Denmark are both towns in Sweden." - TikToker @kimroberts805