4-Year-Old Boy Orders $2.6k Worth Of SpongeBob Popsicles On Mom's Amazon Account

Lex Gabrielle

You know the saying that "kids say the darnedest things?" Well, sometimes, they do the darnedest things, too.

Leaving kids unsupervised around technology can be a huge risk, and parents everywhere should consider making sure they watch their children closely.

Listen, children make mistakes.

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It's impossible to stop them from messing up throughout most of their childhood.

Let's face it, some adults are just as messy as children.

But sometimes children can get so far in over their heads that it puts their parents in a real pickle.

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Whether it's from a child getting seriously hurt or breaking something important to their parents, children tend to put parents through the wringer.

However, it's important to remember that they aren't doing it to be mean!

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In fact, most of the time children doesn't even realize they're doing something wrong, which is why parents have to point them in the right direction.

One mom recently learned this the hard way.

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4-year-old Noah Bryant taught his mother a hard lesson after he used his mom's Amazon account to order $2,618.85 on his favorite snack.

Bryant ordered 918 Spongebob Squarepants popsicles on Amazon.

His mother, Jennifer Bryant who is a social worker at NYU, was panicking as she could not afford to pay the large bill.

Amazon would "not take back the popsicles."

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Bryant decided to use GoFundMe to raise money to pay for the bill and surprisingly, many people rallied behind them.

"Thank you SO much for your mind-blowing generosity and support," Bryant wrote in a follow-up note on GoFundMe.

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"As a child living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), all future donations will go towards Noah's education and additional supports."

"We cannot thank you enough. Truly," she added.


What a nice way for this story to end. Sometimes, people really show up to surprise us in the best possible way.

h/t People.

So far, Bryant has raised over $12,000.

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Jennifer Bryant wrote that she was "so shocked" and thanked everyone who donated.

As her son has Autism Spectrum Disorder, she said she will be using the money towards his education and to help him.